Friday Feeling // How to Prepare for Your Best Weekend Ever!

Fridays are the best part of the week.  What makes them so great is their association with a potentially awesome weekend.  You're off for two days and you have complete freedom over the next 48 hours.  Friday is the perfect time to make plans....better yet, Fridays are perfect for setting intentions.

The reason why we want to be intentional is because those 48 hours will fly by.  On Sunday night, you want to feel refreshed & rejuvenated before the start of the new week.  Let's talk about how to do that.
One ritual that I used to maintain on Fridays was to do some housework so I can start my weekend off in a clean, well-kept home.  In the past, I would wake up on Saturday and spend half the day cleaning the house.  After a while I realized that I was giving up precious weekend time on chores that could be done ahead of time.  It feels amazing to wake up on Saturday morning to a beautiful home but sometimes finding the time to clean was almost impossible.  If that's your concern, maybe it's time to invest in a maid service to lend a helping hand.

 Once the house is clean, I typically pick up some fresh flowers to commemorate the start of the weekend.  It's all about creating that feel-good vibe.

If I'm honest with myself, I have to admit that I completely slack off when it comes to how I present myself on the weekends.  This is especially true if I'm going to be home for most of it.  During the week I dress up for appointments but don't carry that same habit throughout the weekend.  This is detrimental for several reasons.

1. It perpetuates the habit of wearing bummy clothes around the house.
2. I don't take the opportunity to present a more polished version of myself to my husband. He typically sees me dressed nicely when I'm headed out or coming back from somewhere.  But why not try to look put together even if I have nowhere to go.
3. Dressing down on the weekends increases the likelihood that I'll have an ultra lazy weekend.

Fridays are also a great time to be preemptive in avoiding weekend mishaps.  For instance, I tend to gain a little weight from two days of indulgences.  If I wanted to avoid that, I could put some ground rules in place to prevent that outcome.  For instance, maybe I drink some ACV tonic before each meal to prevent the crazy sugar spike and subsequent fat storage.  Perhaps a few walks or other activities that help me to remain active over the course of the two days.  If you tend to overindulge in eating or drinking on the weekends, today would be the perfect time to put a few boundaries in place to avoid repeating the same pattern again.

The weekends present the greatest opportunity to create.  Years ago I heard someone say that she referred to Saturdays as Creation Saturday.  This simply means that we dedicate a portion of our weekend towards altering our default future.   If you have a side hustle, the weekends are the perfect opportunity to put in some work.  If you your social life has been slacking, use the weekend to connect with people you haven't seen in a while.  Or maybe visit to attend some cool get-togethers.

Creation Saturdays is a perfect opportunity to live out your "ideal day."  Prior to leaving my job, I would fantasize about what a great day would look like if I didn't have a 9-5.  Eventually, I realized that replaying the perfect day in my head would only get me so far.  I had to reenact my ideal day in real life.  The feelings generated from that experience were extremely powerful and caused me to take greater action in my business knowing that this experiment could one day become a reality.

Weekends at home can feel really relaxing, but they could also quickly become really mundane.  One thing I like to do on Creation Saturday is to leave my part of town and experience something new.  There's a lot of development going on in my city (and probably yours too).  New shops, restaurants, and communities are popping up all over the place.  It's nice to visit an area that feels new and exciting.  It raises my vibration and creates more of that feel-good vibe that I love.

Weekends are like tiny little vacations from the work week.  Each weekend presents yet another opportunity to create new memories.  Let's start the planning process today so we're guaranteed to have an amazing weekend.

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