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For a while now, I've been desperately on the lookout for the perfect pair of jeans.  But now, my attention has turned a bit.  Yes, I could buy another pair of jeans but would they create the same level of impact as a great pair of slacks?
Once upon a time, I wore slacks to work on a daily basis.  In my mind, dress pants were always associated with business casual attire. So once I left corporate America for good, I vowed never to purchase another pair of slacks again.

I now openly admit that this decision was a bit hasty and premature. Previously, I never thought of incorporating slacks into my wardrobe rotation outside of work or church environment.  But thanks to the inspiration of some fashion beauties online, I'm now ready to love slacks again.  Instead of simply purchasing comfy work-appropriate pants, I'll incorporate a few rules to ensure that I rock my slacks in a stylish way.

Play With Color & Tailoring.
Simone (@cocoaflowerr) actually inspired this post when she recently shared the image (above) of herself donning a pair of tailored white linen slacks.  The fit is immaculate.  I love how she chose a wide leg, loose-fitting pant that rests flawlessly on her waist.  The key to nailing this look is to make the slacks the star. This typically means that we may have to invest a little extra to have the pants altered for the perfect fit.
In this dressing room snap, Simone shares how excited she is to sport these mustard slacks once they're tailored to fit her petite frame.  And can we talk about the gorgeous color of thee pants?  I have a closet full of black and navy blue slacks from yesteryear but, going forward, I'll keep my eye out for various neutral tones to add a bit of variety.
Go for Skinny & Sexy
When I worked in a professional environment, I was extra cautious to avoid tight fitting slacks.  But, the truth is, I'm obsessed with the look of cigarette pants.  The slim fit is ultra-feminine and, by showing a little ankle, these slacks become the epitome the perfect date night look.  Are you also noticing how great slack pair with fitted cropped blouses?  I love how both Simone and Samy opted for long sleeve cropped blouses to balance showing a little skin in the midsection. 
Find Feminine Tops.
If you're into slouchy, oversized slacks, consider pairing it with an ultra-feminine blouse.  That's the strategy I plan on taking with my current dress pant collection. No longer will I couple slacks with long sleeve button up blouses.  

 I loved that Stella opted to wear a spaghetti strapped blouse that showcases her beautiful skin. Especially since she chose slacks the featured a masculine silhouette.  Leggings and jeans are cool and all but nothing compares to the perfect pair of slacks. 

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