Why Black Radiance's Lip Sculptor is One of My Favorite Beauty Finds

I haven't made too many beauty purchases in 2018, but if I were to identify my favorites, included in the list would be Milk Makeup's hydrating oil stick, products from Body Shop's vitamin C line and Black Radiance's Perfect Tone HD Lip Sculptor.

The HD Lip Sculptors were purchased on a whim.  I just happened to be at a drug store and thought I'd check out their makeup selection. When I saw the sculptors, something deep down inside urged me to take the plunge.  As I left the store, I was under the impression that I  purchased just another lip product. Little did I know that I was in possession of a product that would revolutionize my lipstick routine.
Looking back, I think it was the packaging that drew me in.  It's in this long, angular tube that is perfect on-the-go.  I didn't pay much attention to the fact it had "lip sculptor" in the name.  What exactly is a lip sculptor anyway?

This lipstick as described as having a gel-creme(long-lasting)formula.  To be honest, I wasn't that impressed with the formula after the first application.  It goes on matte with a slightly creamy texture. Honestly, it looked kinda dull on my lips.  Nothing special.

Just before I made the decision of whether to return it for a refund, I had a brilliant idea.

The color I chose, "Brown Sugar Babe" is a deep brown color that similar in hue to the darkest shade of my lips.  By applying this color all over, I had essentially, created an even tone base.  

Here's where it gets interesting....

I grabbed another one of my lipsticks and layered it over the base I created with the sculptor.  The end result was spectacular.  It seems as if the lip sculptor prepped my lips to accept all other lip shades.  If you have two-toned lips, you understand the struggle.  Lipsticks can look a little strange because it appears as one color on the top, and another on the bottom.  The lip sculptor completely solved that issue. 

Now, I can pretty much layer it with anything--lipstick, lipgloss, lip color pencils, liquid lipsticks.  Everything blends smoothly with this formula. Here's the best part.  I own some lipsticks that don't suit me well because they're too bright, too pink, too red, or whatever.  Black Radiance's Lip Sculptor instantly transforms those colors into shades that actually flatter my lips.  It's like I've reformulated those shades to work perfectly with my skin tone.  

Ever since these lip sculptor products came into my life, I've been like a different person.  I wear lipstick almost every day now because I'm having a blast rediscovering old shades that I thought weren't as flattering.  It's like I'm reformulating my lipsticks so they become my perfect match.  Basically, my beloved lip sculptor has taken the place of lip liner.  I no longer need to line the outside my lips so that lighter/brighter lip colors can blend with my skin.  The trick is to find a shade similar to what you use to line your outer lips.

My technique of layering lip shades on top of the sculptor is somewhat of a hack.  In reality, they also wear well on their own.  Check out this swatch video to check out the wide range of options available.

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