This Beauty Supplement Curbs Appetite & Helps You Reach Your Body Goals.

Eating non-stop throughout the day is one of the frustrating habits to have.  For me, it seems to come in waves. Sometimes, I can exercise incredible amounts of will-power when it comes to eating sensibly, other times, I eat well above my normal requirements.

Over the years, I've known friends who've sought out the help of supplements to aid with appetite control.  I've always stayed away from this approach because I have this perception that diet pills were dangerous or unhealthy.  Plus, many of them are meant to be taken for a short period of time. What happens when you stop consuming them?

Recently I asked myself if there was something I could take to help control my appetite when I'm out and about.  Typically, when hunger sets in while I'm away from my house, I make poor decisions.  My intention is to have something (healthy) that I can take to hold me over until I got back home.

 It didn't take me long to come up with the perfect solution.  Not only does this supplement keep me fuller, longer, it also helps to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails!
When I worked in an office, I would pack a lunch in an attempt to make healthier choices.  By 11:00 am, I had already eaten my prepared meal knowing that I'd be hitting up the snack machine in a couple of hours because I'd be hungry again.

What if there was something I could possibly take with my lunch to help me stay fuller, longer.

 Years ago, when I first learned the wonders of collagen, I visited Amazon and made my first purchase.  By accident, I purchased gelatin instead of hydrolyzed collagen because, honestly, I didn't know there was a difference.

My morning routine was to blend a green smoothie that contained a plethora of super ingredients.  I then added a heaping scoop of gelatin to my smoothie in hopes of enjoying even more benefits.  Soon, I realized was that the gelatin was a thickener and would make my smoothies a lot denser.  Since my smoothie was also my breakfast, I really didn't mind the thicker texture.  It wasn't long before I noticed an unintended side effect.   Hours would pass and I wouldn't feel any hunger or cravings.  I never experienced anything like it.

Next, I determined that gelatin's appetite curbing powers could be applied strategically.  If I had a long day of errands ahead, I would fix a nice smoothie with ample gelatin.  By the time I arrived home, I wasn't starving.  This was helpful because I didn't consume everything within eyesight the moment I walked in the door.  Eventually, I purchased hydrolized collagen and have been drinking that ever since.  Don't get me wrong, hydrolyzed collagen is great, but it doesn't have that extra added bonus of helping to stabilize my appetite.

If you tend to overdo it at mealtime, take comfort in knowing that gelatin was shown to help reduce the amount of food you consume at lunch when taken with your breakfast. I suspect the reason why gelatin is so effective is because it swells up in the stomach making you feel full.  Not only does gelatin help you feel fuller, it also has the ability to regulate hormones in the body that cause hunger

But what makes gelatin so beautiful is that it's a form of collagen. Which means you can still expect to experience the same wonderful hair, skin, and nail benefits of the much more expensive hydrolyzed collagen.  There are also some gut health benefits associated with gelatin as well. Oh, did I mention that gelatin is also said to help regulate the stress hormone cortisol and you can use it topically for hair?

What can't gelatin do?

 I grabbed a bottle of some gelatin supplements for when I'm on the go. If you go the supplements route, you may have a take a couple more than the recommended dosage since capsules don't contain a lot of powder.  I remember putting a small scoop into my smoothies to enjoy the thickening benefits.  The best way to leverage gelatin for appetite is to incorporate it with a meal to help keep you filling fuller, longer.  None of the studies I found involved people taking gelatin alone in place of food.  The point is not to skip eating altogether, it's to get a little help from a product that provides a plethora of amazing benefits.

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