Summer Ready // Peel Pads are "the Truth" for Glowing Skin.

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The warmer it gets, the more I think about how to prep my skin for summer.  During colder months, I'm obsessed with how to keep skin moisturized.  But, as summer approaches, my mind is filled with ways to keep my pores happy.  Unhappy pores are a recipe for congestion and breakouts.

Over the years I've realized that, if my pores are happy, my skin will stay in its lane.  Just as I was contemplating how to prep my skin for summer, I came across the perfect solution that will have my skin flawless by summer.
Danielle Prescod, Style Director for BET, recently let us in on a little secret that helped transformed her skin.  Via an IG story, Danielle bragged about how pleased she was with her skin lately.  What made her so happy? The fact that she didn't need the help of foundation to cover up any blemishes on her skin.  That's because she implemented a new daily routine that changed everything.

Her skin transformation was so obvious that some of her followers messaged her asking for details on what was working.  Danielle happily shared a snapshot of the product that saved her skin.  Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta peel pads were the new holy grail in her skin routine.  Danielle boasted about how smooth her skin feels and how the peels CHANGED her skin in a mere 10 days.

For those who aren't familiar with this 2 step peel system.  The product consists of pads soaked in gentle exfoliating acids.  Technically, the pads are marketed as an anti-aging product designed to attack dull skin and fine lines.  And, since it's an acid-based product, we also experience refined skin, smoother texture, and (yes) happier pores.

The reviews on Sephora support Danielle's claim that these pads are life-changing.  I actually have these peel pads and used them sparingly because they're pricey product and I wanted to savor them.  Turns out that I was doing it all wrong!  Based on the reviews, those who use it consistently were rewarded handsomely with the most wonderful outcome.
"I was never interested in trying this product because it seemed way too expensive and didn't seem worth the money. I recently received a week's worth of daily peels for free and after using it for seven days straight all I can say is WOW. After the very first use, I immediately noticed that my skin looked brighter and healthier. After a week I noticed that I had reduced texture and my pores looked smaller. Amazing! This is now a must-have for me and I think everyone needs to give it a try too."
Since this isn't a wash-off product, a lot of reviewers recommend that you use it at night to allow the acids time to work while you sleep.  Be sure to wear sunscreen during the day to protect your freshly exfoliated skin.  These peel pads are not cheap!  The price is similar to getting a quality facial.  To make your investment stretch, you can do a 7-day or 14-day peel. Then, your skin needs a refresher, start another 7-day cycle.
If you're a little skittish of the price, you can grab their 5-day starter pack to see if your skin loves it.   Or you can try some of the other peels on the market with a little lower price tag like Bliss' glycolic resurfacing pads (loved by @cocoaflowerr). 

In the winter, our cell turnover rate declines.  That means that our dead skin cells are taking center stage.  A little gentle exfoliation might just be what your skin needs right now.  Imagine how great it will feel to flaunt your foundation-free-flawless-skin in all of its wonderful glory.

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