IG Beauty Secret // Wake Up with Softer Lips Tomorrow.

One habit I really need to work on is executing the perfect evening routine. Preferably, one that will have me looking more radiant in the morning. My current ritual is pretty lacking so I figured that I should start small and build from there.

Over the past couple of months, I captured a couple of screenshots that might have lead me to the first step in my new nightly beauty routine.  This past winter I failed when it came to protecting the moisture level of my lips.  As we sleep through the night, we become increasingly dehydrated.  Upon waking, my lips were shriveled and dehydrated.  Not a good look.  I tried applying lip balms before bed but they just didn't seem to have staying power.   Turns out that I was using the wrong products.  Lip balms aren't the really ideal products to help seal in moisture overnight.

So what's the answer?
Around that time, a came across a couple of images with glowing reviews of an ultra-nourishing lip mask. My interest peaked but, thankfully, I didn't take the plunge just yet.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, a mental reminder triggered me to visit Sephora's site to add to the lip mask to my basket to purchase at a later time.  Once added, I decided to poke around the internet to see if I could find Lineage at a competitive price.  Wouldn't you know it, I happened to find a website offering it on sale! And not just a small discount, nearly 40% off!  That's a  deal to good to pass up.  Especially considering that it averages 4.6 stars based on four thousand reviews.

Apparently, this is stuff is legit.  So let's talk about why a lip sleeping mask is a superior choice for lip moisturization.

Unlike balms and glosses which are primarily oil based.  A lip mask, like this one by  Laneige, is designed to deliver actual hydration to your parched lips. The reason why Laniege receives so many great reviews is because it's infused with antioxidants, vitamin C, and (best of all) hyaluronic acid.

Yes, the same hyaluronic acid that you find in your favorite hydrating skin serums/moisturizers. No more trying to hydrate your lips with oils and waxes.   Your lips deserve better than that.

Don't get me wrong, lip balms have their purpose. But something special happens when you truly moisturize your lips before sealing with your favorite balm.  I shared a story on IG with screenshots of people raving about Laneige overnight lip mask.  Within minutes, a direct message came through from a reader who also had great things to say about this amazing lip product.  She confirmed that Laneige did indeed have long-lasting moisturizing power.

Spring and summer are approaching.  Summer is all about glowing skin and soft lips.  Which is why I'm taking advantage of the sale YesStyle is currently having on Laniege's lip mask.  This product was in my Sephora wishlist for a while now.  I was waiting for their VIP sale to grab one at 20% off.  But, thanks to YesStyle,  I can quickly grab one for much less.  YesStyle has a large selection of Korean beauty products so I plan on snooping around to see if I can stumble upon my next favorite find.


  1. Just purchased today. Looking fwd to the results!

  2. I got a free sample from Sephora last week. I like!

  3. Pairing this with the elf lip exfoliator is pure magic!


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