The Recipe for How to Smell Your Best This Summer.

The countdown to summer has begun.  It's time to place our focus on beauty routines that compliment the upcoming season.  In order to thrive this summer, we must be brilliant at the basics.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of summer is hot weather....which means sweating.

I'm fearful of sweating because I'm concerned about offensive body odor.  Because I work from home, I rarely wear deodorant.  When I do wear underarm protection, it's usually a natural brand.  Natural deodorants are cool, but honestly, they don't do a great job of preventing sweat.   Instead of trying to eliminate sweat, I prefer to take an alternative approach that consists of eliminating odor altogether. This summer, I'm implementing some tried and true solutions that address body odor at the source.
You guys may have heard me say this before but my motto for summer is always "sweat before you sweat."  Sweat is the primary way that our body uses to eliminate toxins.  But a lot of us haven't experienced a good sweat in months!  Suddenly, summer arrives and we're sweating almost daily.  Have you ever experienced your water being cut off, then once it's back on, you turn on the faucet and brown water comes out.  I theorize that the same thing happens with our pores.  A lot of people break out at the start of summer because the body might be releasing backed up toxins.

After you let the facet run for a little bit, the water starts to run clear again.  My husband sweats a lot. If he engages in a brisk walk or does yard work outside, his sweat glands go crazy.  But he doesn't have any body odor.  My theory is that it has to do with the frequency of which he sweats.   I don't like to sweat.  Whenever I engage in a strenuous activity, I try to scale back quickly to avoid sweating.  I can go months without experiencing a good sweat.  This is a huge mistake because when I actually do sweat, the smell is unpleasant.

 One day, I was introduced to the wonderful world of infrared saunas.  I become obsessed saunas because I could sweat heavily without having to engage in strenuous activity.  Saunas soon became my primary tool in implementing my "sweat detox" strategy.

And it worked beautifully.  The more I engaged in heavy sweating, the weaker my natural scent became.

But I didn't always have time or access to saunas.  So I had to develop another strategy.  All it took was a dropper full of chlorophyll in my water bottle to trigger the internal cleansing process.  I've talked about chlorophyll at length.  Basically, it's a compound that's abundant in plants.  Chlorophyll is what gives plants their rich green color.  When we incorporate chlorophyll in our diets, we can experience any (or all) of these possible benefits.
  • Neutralized Body Odor
  • Improvement in Acne
  • Stimulated Digestion
  •  Cancer Fighting Properties.
  • Enhanced Metabolism
  • Increased Energy (possibly due to higher oxygen levels in the blood?)
I normally go for liquid chlorophyll but I just found out they also sell chlorophyll gel caps which is perfect!  I'm grabbing a bottle to take with me when I'm on vacation.  Have you thought about trying out the keto diet to trim down for summer? You better have plenty of chlorophyll handy because bad breath is an unwanted side effect of using rapid fat burning.

Overall, my winning strategy will include regular chlorophyll consumption, a sauna regimen, and my newly discovered practice of sanitizing my underarms with an acid toner.  Oh, one last thing.....I'll be drinking copious amounts of lemon water to also help promote internal cleansing.   Think of all the wonderful benefits of starting a regimen like this.  Our fragrances will smell more captivating and we'll feel more confident knowing that we aren't giving off any unpleasant orders.   What can be better than that?


  1. Forgive me as I know this is TMI but....another benefit I've noticed with my morning green drink (I drink ProGreens mixed with room temp water in the morning) is my poop doesn't smell as well. I alternate EVERY morning between ProGreens or my warm lemon water (been doing this for YEARS) and I brag to my friends that my sh*t don't stink - LOL!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about cholorophyll! I just ran out last week. I think it's made a huge difference. My aesthetician says she can't smell a thing when she sugars my underarms.


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