Try This // The Celebrity Make Up Artist Tip for Ultra Hydrated Lips

I'm patiently waiting for my package of Laneige overnight lip mask to arrive.  Once I heard the news that a product exists that can truly hydrate while you sleep, I immediately wanted in.  Thankfully, I found a website that was offering this holy grail lip product on sale.

While I wait for my little pink jar to come home, I will employ a lip hydration strategy that I learned from a master makeup artist.
What I love about Sir John is that he's very open to sharing his makeup strategies.  He also goes above and beyond to bless us with very applicable beauty tips.  I appreciate the fact that I can implement his suggestions ASAP and experience immediate benefits.

Not long ago, I shared how Sir John suggests that we apply foundation immediately after moisturizer (while the skin is still damp) to create a soft, dewy finish. This tip was much appreciated but the other beauty secret I learned from Sir John was like a dream come true.

Here's the tip:

When applying your daily moisturizer (preferably an ultra-hydrating formula like Hada Labo), take a little dab and massage into your lips. Yep, you heard me correctly.  Instead of immediately reaching for your lip balm, John wants us to moisturize our lips first.  I moisturize my face every single day and not once did my highly functioning brain ever suggest to do something as powerful as adding a water-based moisturizing product to the driest part of my face.

Not once.

When the secret was revealed, I immediately began rubbing in a little moisturizer on my lips then sealed them with balm.  On that day I realized that my lips never truly experienced true moisture until then.  All moisturizers work well for this technique but those that contained hyaluronic acid (*cough* Hada Labo *cough*) really got the job done.

You might be saying to yourself "so why did you purchase the Laneige Lip Mask if this method works so well?"  

Glad you asked!

The plan is to continue to hydrate my lips daily with a bit of moisturizer (sealed with balm). When evening rolls around, I'll moisturize on a deeper level using this all-powerful overnight lip mask. Basically, my lips will be soft and moisturized 24-7.   Dry, chapped lips will become an absolute non-factor and I can move on to focusing on bigger and better things.

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