This MUA swears by Masking Cocktails to Create Her Perfect Glow.

Every so often, I'll receive a DM from one of you lovelies informing me of an Instagram Beauty secret reveal that I wouldn't want to miss.  Days ago, a reader sent a message after she witnessed the masking routine of a makeup artist known for creating the most beautiful glow on her clients.

The perfect glowy finish is nearly impossible to pull off unless you have an ultra smooth surface.  That's probably why this makeup artist is so serious about her masking routine.  In the stories, she created a "masking cocktail" comprised of two separate clay-based masks.  The moment I saw her mix the two products together, I was instantly inspired to create a masking cocktail of my own.
Years ago, I used to prep my clay masks by hand. But then I found some really great quality premixed options and never looked back.  The clay masks in my current rotation include:

Fresh's Umbrian Clay Mask
 Dead Sea Clay Mask

Pre-mixed clay masks are great. They're convenient, not as messy and very travel-friendly.  But, there's one problem....

You can't create your own super-mask cocktail.  One that can create stellar results specifically for your skin.

A while back, I wrote about adding boosters to my moisturizers and serums enhance their effectiveness.  I completely neglected to consider that I could also amplify my masks by creating my own blended cocktails.

Most , of us have a jar of Aztec Clay at home.  And perhaps we've added some apple cider vinegar or honey to the mask to make it a bit more interesting.  That's a great start but let's discuss other options that can take our clay mask from basic to beautifying.

Activated Charcoal // In my humble opinion, every clay mask should include activated charcoal.  Charcoal's deep cleansing capability is unmatched.  The primary reason why we mask is to clear out our pores.  Clay is a great base but adding charcoal amplifies the experience.  Once upon a time, I added a pinch of charcoal to my daily cleanser.  Within days, I noticed the difference in my skin. This stuff works.

Other Types of Clay // In her stories, the makeup artist combined two different types of clay masks to create her super-cocktail.  A lot of us have purchased various clay masks over the years and never thought about combining them for enhanced results.  I can't wait to try this.

Green Superfoods // I've already experimented and had great success with using green superfood powders on my face.  Lately, I noticed several new skincare brands launching with super greens as their hero ingredient.  Feel free to add a pinch of your favorite powdered greens to your clay mask concoction to add a burst of antioxidants to your beauty routine.

Vitamin C Powder // If your skin looks a little dull, and you're still battling stubborn acne scars, maybe it's time to focus on brightening masks.  If you browse around online for clay masks fortified with vitamin C, you'll notice that they can get pretty pricey. That's why I suggest you consider picking up some ascorbic acid and adding a pinch to your clay mask to boost up its brightening power.

Exfoliating Acids // The other brightening ingredient I love to include in clay masks are exfoliating acids.  After learning about exfoliating masks via an IG beauty secret reveal, I immediately created a DIY version.  Afterward, my skin was glowing.  No clay mask alone could produce those same results.  But when combined with mandelic or glycolic acid, my homemade clay mask suddenly gave me skin that looked like I just had a facial.

Turmeric // If you're still dealing acne and inflammation, you should strive to incorporate ingredients that help calm your skin.  I read a few stories online of people who used a turmeric face mask daily for a week to attack their breakouts.  The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been shown in studies to kill bacteria associated with acne.  In some cases, turmeric outperformed certain acne medication in its ability to fight acne.

Collagen Powder //  If you look at the sheet mask options available on the market, you might notice that collagen masks are gaining popularity. Perhaps you might want to purchase a few to try out.....or maybe you can make your own collagen-based mask for pennies on the dollar.   I'm going to test a hydrolyzed collagen + vitamin C anti-aging face mask combination and see if my skin loves it.

This short list is a great place to start. I think it's important to tailor your mask to fit your skin's needs.  It's not necessary to add too many ingredients at once.  It's about having the ability to create a formula that targets your exact skin concerns when you need it.

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