The Brightening Mask That Draya Michelle Recommended to Olivia Culpo

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Whenever a random beauty secret is revealed on Instagram, I always grab a quick snapshot to refer to later.  The beauty reveals that get me most excited are the ones that appear to be genuine favorites people swear by.

The one I recently captured is a bit exciting because this influencer, Olivia Culpo, claims that she started using the product thanks to the recommendation of reality star Draya Michelle.  This really peaked my interest. I assume that if Draya is telling others, it's because she's absolutely loving her results.
Olivia Culpo is a mega influencer with over 3 million followers on Instagram.  I'm sure she's inundated with boxes of free beauty products and masks on a daily basis.  Not to mention to mention the access to professional beauty treatments and spa visits.  I'm sure her skin was already in a great place.

Which is what makes this mask even better find.  Theoretically, if she was able to experience a difference in her skin after trying this mask, it must actually deliver on what it promises.  The product Olivia is proudly displaying is GlamGlow's Flashmud Brightening Mud.  It's a part of GlamGlow's extensive line of quality face masks.

This mask doesn't just unclog pores, it goes beyond purifying to actually create smoother, brighter skin.  According to the product description, it'll help fade dark spots while reducing dullness and uneven skin tone.

Where has this mask been all of my life?

It's claim to fame are a group of skin brightening ingredients like lactic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin C.  Those three ingredients are known for their exfoliating and brightening powers.  They didn't stop there!  GlamGlow also included tiny exfoliator beads to ensure that your skin receives multiple types of exfoliation in one treatment.

After learning that this mask exists, I immediately scoured my stockpile of products to see if I happened to have a sample size of it laying around.

Unfortunately, I didn't.

And I already blew through my Sephora budget for the month so I have to improvise.

Plan B is to concoct a low budget version of the mask using a mud base, adding it some exfoliating crystals, and lacing it with acids and vitamin C to promote that brightness that we all crave.  If all goes well, this mask might just become my new go-to beauty treatment.

For my experiment, I mixed in a little mandelic acid into Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask using a handy-dandy little spatula.  Since this was a trial run, I opted to leave out the exfoliation beads and vitamin C to first determine how my skin would respond. Immediately upon rinsing, I knew the experiment was a success.  My skin was smoother and brighter pretty almost instantly.

GlamGlow encourages customers to use their brightening mask consecutively for 3 days for optimal results (3-day challenge).  From there you can maintain results using it only once a week.  I love the idea of a 3-day challenge because it gives us the opportunity to reset the skin with proper exfoliation.  The combination of chemical and mechanical exfoliation will do wonderful things for the skin.  Dark spots will fade and your skin will better respond to your serums and moisturizers.  One disclaimer that I should mention if you plan on trying this 3-day brightening mask exfoliation challenge is to load up on sunscreen.  If your skin is properly exfoliated, it'll become more sensitive to UV rays.

Although I got decent results with my DIY version, I still wouldn't mind having the convenience of having a skin-transforming mask in a convenient, easy to use package. This mask will definitely become part of my pre-night out ritual routine.

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