Moroccan Red Clay Mask saved the day

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Yesterday started like any other morning.  After waking up, well before the crack of dawn,  I made my way to the restroom where I conducted a quick mirror check.  This is an old habit developed years ago when I was plagued with, acne riddled skin.  Each morning I would look to see how many new breakouts were developing while checking on the status of the existing ones.

I'm happy to say that, for the past year or so, these mirror checks are now used for more pleasant things like assessing my eyelash growth.  This morning, however, I was startled to see two tiny little pimples beginning to form on my cheek just an inch away from my nose.  Building within me was an intense sense of fear and dread as I was immediately taken back to the old days of finding new blemishes each morning.

After I calmed down, I remembered my Emergency Action Plan for dealing with newly formed acne.  From there, I mosied over to the kitchen to warm some water for my lemon & bamboo tea.  Then I headed over to my products in search of a clay mask.  I'm completely out of Glam Glow so that wasn't an option.  Suddenly, I realized that I had an unopened jar of Moroccan Red Clay powder.  "Why not?" I thought "Now's as good of a time as any to give it a shot."  

According to the label, this purifying clay is perfect for sensitive skin. Normally, I wouldn't consider my skin as sensitive, but during winter months, I have to be careful about using products that are too drying because that's the fastest way to trigger my seborrheic dermatitis.  I bought the red clay for a couple reasons. First, I wanted to try a milder option for instances where I wanted absorption and detoxification without over stripping my skin or hair.   I messed around and did a bentonite clay mask on my hair last year and regret it to this day.  Red clay is also said to be rich in silica, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.
I don't know if I'm imagining things, but the red clay powder granules seemed finer than bentonite Normally when I mix apple cider vinegar with bentonite clay, the mixture bubbles up a little before settling down.  That didn't happen this time.  The mixture itself seemed more orange than red.  My biggest concern was that it would stain my hand & face.  But after washing it rinsed off easily with no hint of the orange hue remaining.  I don't know if the same could be said if I got it on my clothing.

After one use, I'm confident in saying that I like it.  Shortly, after removing the mask, my skin maintained a slight glow. A day later and I wake up to calm, perfectly clear skin. The remainder of my clay mixture kept it's consistency so I covered it and placed in the fridge for another mask this weekend.  I'm completely happy with my red clay but then I heard of rhassoul clay which is said to be a better version. One that many like for their hair and skin because it isn't overly stripping. I'd love to try that one day as a scalp detox. 

Has anyone ever tried rhassoul?  Which do you like better?


  1. Once a week I add equal parts of red clay, green clay and Aztec healing clay to water and leave the mixture on my face for about 30 min. After rinsing I apply raw honey mixed with vitamin e for another 30 min. It instantly leaves my skin clear, super glowy and soft.

  2. I'm natural for less than a year now. Since my big-shop, i wash my hair with rhassoul and it's so soft to my hair. I mix it up with jojoba oil, orange powder, an extract of honey and ceramides. Let it sit for 2 hours and that's it. I don't even need to use a conditioner after.


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