style Obsession | Michael Kors ankle strap pumps


Just after the Christmas holiday a friend and I decided to brave the post-holiday madness by squeezing in a day of shopping.  As you may remember from a previous Inspiration post, one of my intentions this year is to elevate my shoe collection.
I walked into the Neiman Markus outlet store with a single goal. To obtain the perfect pair pointy toed pumps.  Less than 20 minutes later I spotted these beauties.  Just the right size heel I was looking for. What impresses me most is how clean and perfect the lines are.  These Michael Kors leather pumps out shined every other pair of black shoes in the store.

It didn't help that my friend kept repeating "those look so cute should get them!"  They remained on my feet as we browsed the entire store to I could properly asses their comfort level.  Once my mind was at ease, I happily made my purchase and brought my babies home.


  1. Beautiful! How much were they?

  2. How dont such shoes kill your feet? I love those styles but the lack of platform scares me. Can you please do a post on how you enjoy such shoes/help comfort level?



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