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During the holidays, I had the opportunity to enjoy regular visits to the gym.  Within days of going back to my old routine, I noticed skin improvement thanks to the post workout sauna sessions.

Now that I'm back to my full work and travel schedule, I won't have the luxury to hit the sauna as much as I'd like.  Plan B is to get my hands on a high quality at home facial steamer.  Years ago, I bought an entry level facial steam like this one.   It did it's job but, I really wish it was a bit more powerful.  The steaming action just wasn't strong enough to produce that amazing glow I was looking for. Plus I didn't like the fact that I had to put my face into the steamer in order to experience it's full functionality.

A quick trip to Amazon solved my dilemma.  I landed upon a couple facial steamers immediately caught my attention.

The first one is the Panasonic Pink Nano-e Facial Steamer.  It's a simple, well designed product but, more importantly, it produces ample amounts of steam.  A while back, the steam reservoir of my Conair & Caruso curlers stopped working.  My solution was so use my facial steamer to warm up my curlers.  This plan worked brilliantly.  The shape of the Pink Nano-e steamer,  will allow me to use it dual purposely as a facial steamer and as a base to warm up my sponge rollers.  I really like how much "reach" the steam has.  This means I can have the steamer going while I'm on the computer or doing my nails.  You can check out a video of it in action here.

My next crave is also from Panasonic. It's the grand deluxe version of the at home personal facial steamer.  The Panasonic NanoCare comes with additional options including a cool steam blast.  From a couple reviews, the cool blast is really cold.  I would love to do a roller steam set on my hair with cold water particles.  I'm wondering if that would seal the cuticles as it sets my curls.  Another added feature of this deluxe model is  it's ability to produce smaller size (nano) particles.  Having used a MicroMist hair steamer that also uses tiny water molecules, I know  and appreciate the difference. Tinier particles means you can steam longer without having water droplets burn your skin as well as deeper penetration.  Yes, this model is pricier than other personal steamers but you get much more for your money. This video shows the NanoCare model in action. Sorry it's in Japanese so you won't understand a word they're saying.

Just typing up this post has pretty much made up my mind on taking the plunge.  I think back to when I would do at home facials 1-3 times a week.  It was the only thing that helped me deal with breakouts and clear the congestion below my skin.  I need to get back to doing that. The strongest urge to purchase is driven by my curiosity of setting my hair using the nano water molecules.  My thought is that it would deeply moisturize my hair as I style it.    I could steam my skin and set/moisturize my hair in one sitting. How amazing would that be?  When I do decide to get one, I'll share a full review.


  1. How great would it be if the steamers had a hair attachment?

  2. I have a Secura hair steamer which has a face attachment. I love it and try to use it weekly. I follow the steam facial with a clay mask and my face feels like butter! Love the steam treatment!


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