Monday Motivation | Increasing Financial Abundance

We're moving right along in our Financial Abundance Series.  I'm grateful that some of your are benefiting from this conversation. When we last talked, we discussed some strategies on how to increase your current wages.  If you are committed to stretching outside of your current comfort zone, set up a conversation with your supervisor about your intention to grow in the company so he/she can help direct your development.  If they don't, pay attention to who else can help you in moving and build relationships with them as part of your strategy.

I believe that everyone who wishes to impact their abundance will have to do some internal work.  Think about someone who wins the lottery. Suddenly, they are blessed with a financial reward beyond measure. But somehow, that person finds themselves broke years later.  How does that happen?  The person wasn't ready to be a good stewart of financial increase.  S/he was operating under the old mindset and the old ways of doing things.  That doesn't work.  THE OLD WAY THAT YOU THINK OF & DEAL WITH MONEY WILL NOT ALLOW FOR ABUNDANCE TO GROW IN YOUR CURRENT SITUATION.  I'm not saying that you won't get raises or receive decent size checks.  Those things will happen.They happen to everyone.  I'm saying that in order to receive the level abundance you desire, things in your life must be different than they are currently.

One mindset shift that I'm made a while back is how I look at money.  Before, when I got paid, I would spend my entire check.  Then, as my mindset elevated, I began to save some of what I made.  Now as I continue to grow, I am now seeming money as a tool to generate more money.  It started with putting my money into a high interested bearing savings account and being rewarded for my actions.  That was a good start but I was looking for other ways to "make money on my money."  The next best option was to enroll in 401k.  If you work for a company that offers & matches your  401k contribution, sign up for it today!  If you don't, you are leaving money on the table which is a travesty.  Wealthy people never leave money on the table (ever).

Once you have money going in a savings account and you have a 401(k) account, you are headed in the right direction.   At this point, you may find yourself with a little less disposable cash.  You've got two options:

1. Live below your means
2. Increase your "non-work related income."

Which one do you pick?  Both!  Living below your means is pretty straightforward. Track your spending in a way that allows you to have a surplus by your next paycheck.  Your goal, every paycheck, is to have a little extra remaining by the time the next one comes.  Do this enough times and you will find yourself with additional funds with which to create even more. I want you to start the practice of spending your check before you receive it.  Meaning, planning out how you will allocate your money in a way that leaves you a little extra (even after you save).  Lastly, enroll in a 401(k), even if you are only saving 1% of your income.

I mentioned one mindset shift I made to better manage my earnings and using my paycheck income as a way to generate more. But I knew that this was the tip of the iceberg in the game we call "achieving greater level of abundance."  From time to time, my husband and I drive to the other part of town and walk around the wealthier neighborhoods. I remember looking at those amazing homes and thinking to myself "these people probably don't have 9 to 5 jobs."  If that's the case, what are they doing, how did they make their income?  What are they doing that I'm not?  Sure, I know some of them are probably high paying execs but probably only a portion.  The others made their money in other ways. I'm guessing those people fell under category #2 (increase your know work related income).  I know you are probably curious to learn more about option 2.  Let's talk more about it next week.


  1. For over 5 years now, I've been saving 10% of my pre-taxed income in a 401k and 10% taxed income in a high interest savings account. Since my company only matches 6% of my contribution in the 401k, I plan to move the unmatched 4% to stocks with my Sharebuilder account that I opened a few years ago. I am planning for a financially secure future and relying on pay raises only will not achieve my financial goals. I get really motivated when I read your blog because you inspire me to do more. As much as I save, I can do more because I never deny myself something I want, even if I don't need it. And I can definitely find additional ways at alternative income. You've given me something to think about.


  2. Loving this series! Keep sharing. I'm currently making small changes to increasing my financial abundance :)

  3. I recently read a financial article in a magazine about money mistakes. In it, the author mentioned that she wished she had saved more and she mentioned a great site that helps people save more. It's called

    I checked it out and signed up immediately. It's free! Basically you link your checking account to your savings account and it will automatically save a percent of what you spend and move it to your savings account. Say you spend $35 on gas. Whatever percent you designate (mine is 5%) will be transferred to your savings account. So using that example, $1.75 will be transferred to my savings. I've only been using the site for 5 days and already have $32 in "savings!"

  4. We have to accept delayed gratification if we want to see financial changes. And as you mentioned we must operate off of a written budget (not the guesses in your head) so that we can know were every dollar is going. I have heard people say they don't want to operate off of a budget because they don't want to see the financial position they are in (they know the situation looks bad). That makes no sense. Not seeing the numbers wont change the situation. You gotta know the financial shape you are in so you can know how to attack. Sometimes it means working an additional part time job, or changing your spending habits. As the financial guru Dave Ramsey says, "you have to live like no one else (talking about being financial focused) so in the future you can live like no one else (the abundant life).


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