Lymphatic Massage Update // Weight Loss & Other Benefits

Yesterday was the second installment in a series of lymphatic massages that booked after seeing the transformational power of these wellness treatments.  I actually didn't intend on booking a series, but after my first experience, I had to go back for more.

Now that I've multiple experiences, I'd like to share some updates on the benefits I've received thus far.
As you might recall, I learned about the power of lymphatic massages after stumbling on Justine Skye's IG stories.  In the videos, she kept raving about her masseuse so I followed the tagged link where I discovered my latest obsession.

I thought I would have to book a trip to LA to experience a lymphatic massage for my self.  Luckily, a quick Yelp search revealed a location just minutes away.   Based on the reviews, the local masseuse seemed to utilize the same Brazillian technique as Justine's fave so I immediately booked a session.

One reason why I wanted to try this massage so badly was because of the before/after transformations.  People seemed to experience an immediate change in tone and muscle definition. Bloating in the midsection seemed to magically disappear.   If I'm being completely honest, I didn't experience similar results in the reduction of my midsection.  But I did benefit in a different way.

I weigh myself every morning.  I do it to keep myself aware of my weight fluctuations as a result of my eating.  Whenever I reach the top of my weight limit, I immediately execute an action plan so things don't get out of hand.  On the morning before my first massage, I weighed around 132.4 lbs.  I'm only about 5 feet tall so technically, I am 132 lbs is considered overweight.

The next stay, I stepped on the scale (per usual) and registered a weight of 131.4 lbs.  I was shocked to say the least.   Somehow, I seemed to magically lose a pound of weight. But how?

Obviously, it wasn't an instant fat loss. So what happened?

Based on what I read online, it appears that the lymphatic system has a direct connection to our weight.  The primary function of the lymphatic system to carry and dispose of fluid waste.  But if we have sluggishness in our lymph, things slow down which makes it easier for us to carry excess water weight.  Advocates for lymphatic massage swear by its ability to stimulate the metabolism.  I didn't have any particular issues with swelling, congestion or other signs that suggested a slow-moving lymph.  But, at my age, I figured that all of my bodily systems could use a little boost.

Based on the instant weight loss, I was probably right.  I'm guessing that much of the weight loss was water weight as my body worked on overdrive to eliminate toxins.  Today is the morning after my second massage.  Upon stepping on the scale, I registered at 128.0 lbs.  Did two lymphatic massages cause me to magically lose 3 lbs?  Not exactly.  I have implemented some dietary/lifestyle changes that affect my weight.  But, I do think the first massage helped to give me a jump start.

This time I also requested a facial massage.  I'm familiar with doing lymphatic massages on my face but I knew it wouldn't compare to having one done professionally.  The minute her skilled hands touched my face I knew I was in for a treat.  Her strokes were firm and deliberate.  She focused on sculpting my face by working aggressively on my jawline.  This morning I saw the evidence of her work.  Instead of waking up with slightly a slightly puffy face, I looked toned and lifted....and my skin was glowing!

Before leaving, I already set my next appointment for yet another lymphatic massage + full facial. I would love this experience to become a fixture in my self-care routine.  Sure, it's a bit pricey but I think it's worth the investment considering that the benefits are aligned with my current desired outcomes.

If you to incorporate more lymphatic enhancing activities into your routine, you can do things like dry brushing, rebounding on a trampoline, or check out the countless lymph massage videos on YouTube.

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