//Face of the Day// The Sheer Red Lip

Years ago, I was wary of wearing a full-on red lip.  Part of the issue had to do with the fact that finding a flattering shade of red was darn near impossible.  Things are very different now as I've amassed a modest, collection of beautiful red lipsticks that can be worn for any occasion.

Honestly, I'd love to wear a red lip on a daily basis.  But because I'm an entrepreneur who's dressed down on most days, a bold red lip isn't as practical as I would hope.

Enter...the sheer red lip.

To me, a satiny-rouge lip is the everyday version of the bold red lip we all know and love. 
I adore with a sheer red lip for several reasons.
  • It's a perfect combination of sexiness and feminity mixed with a little bit of innocence whereas the bold, red lip is sexiness personified. 
  • With a semi-transparent lip, you don't have to own the most perfect variation of red.  Almost any shade of red will work.
  • This look highlights our full lips in the most beautiful way.
So how do we recreate the satin red lip?  The first thing one must do is to set aside your opaque liquid lipsticks 'cause they won't work for this look.  You can experiment by staining your lips with your favorite red lipstick then finishing off with a layer of your favorite hydrating balm or gloss.  

Or you can combine two steps into one by wearing a product like Fenty Beauty's Poutsicle in Hot Blooded which was made just for such a look.  Rihanna always seems to go against the grain so while every brand is still putting out matte, full-coverage lipsticks, she hit us with a line of beautifully hydrating lip colors.
In the image above Imani is showcasing how beautifully Hot Blooded looks when applied.  She's wearing several coats to create this finished look which still appears semi-transparent.  Coincidentally, this lip shade just happens to be on sale at Sephora for $6.00 lower than the normal price.  Obviously, I'll be purchasing because Hot Blooded looks absolutely amazing.

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