How an Electric Tea Kettle Is Elevating My Wellness Routine.

Years ago, my brother's fiance bought him a fancy electric tea kettle for his birthday.  As a tea connoisseur, this gift made perfect sense.  Although it was a great gift, I thought spending over $100 for a specialty tea kettle was over the top.

Recently, I asked him how he and his fancy tea kettle were doing.  To this day, he still claims that it's one of his favorite and most prized possessions.  When he wakes up in the morning, there's hot water waiting for him at a specific temperature the creates the perfect cup of tea.  I snickered at his adoration for an overpriced electronic and continued to boil water the old fashioned way.

Not long ago, my husband interrupted my work asking if I had something on the stove.  Suddenly, I remembered boiling water to enjoy some tea.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten all about it and allowed the water (once again) to completely evaporate.  Begrudgingly, I came to the conclusion that I probably should cave in a get a tea kettle that would prevent me from falling into the same predicament over and over.

Best decision I ever made.
Although my electric tea kettle doesn't come with nearly the same amount of bells & whistles as my brother's, it's had a huge impact on my life.  Who would have thought that quick access to hot water would make such a huge difference in my wellness routine?

In just a span of a few short days, I feel like I'm developing a slew of healthier habits.

  Let's discuss.

I've read countless articles and studies on how drinking green tea can positively impact one's health.  But if you read the fine lines, you'll notice that most benefits are for those who drink several cups of tea a day.   I would sometimes make a cup of tea in the morning then get busy with work and completely forget to rebrew my 2nd or 3rd cup.  My handy-dandy tea kettle take only a few seconds to boil water so I find myself enjoying several cups of tea a day with absolutely no hassle.  I've always wanted to become one of those people who drink tea consistently as a daily ritual. I'm happy to announce that I've finally made it.

Once I've made my first cup of tea for the day, I typically have some hot water left over that I can put to good use.  Today I experimented with making hot lemon water as part of my morning routine.  It was magnificent!  I squeezed a couple lemons before bed  (using one of these nifty gadgets) to save time in the morning.  It took only a couple seconds to mix my ready-made lemon juice with hot water. 

Why did I wait so long to get one of these nifty kettles?

The weather isn't as hot so I was worried that I wouldn't be drinking as much water as I, I'm probably drinking more water.  The kettle I got holds 27 ounces of water and I find myself refilling it a few times a day.  Plus I still drink from my water bottle from time to time.  I'm absolutely certain that my water intake has increased thanks to my new buddy.  If you know you'll struggle with your water intake this winter,  try switching to healthy tea options that come with skin, weight, and countless health benefits.

Since acquiring the tea kettle, I've been focused mainly on loading up on healthy liquids.  Next on my list is going back to a time when I ate a healthy breakfast.  Namely, my loaded oatmeal.  Back then I was obsessed with elevating the nutritional levels of everything I ate.  I'm ready to experiment with making oatmeal and cramming it with ingredients such as:
-Black Strap Molasses
-Bamboo Silica Powder
-Probiotics (in powder form)

Endless possibilities await! 

The easier the process, the more consistent I become.  That's exactly what I'm experiencing thanks to my amazing electric kettle.  It's a small addition but it's made a huge difference in my life and overall wellbeing. 

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