Found! My *New* Morning Gua Sha Routine.

When it comes to low-tech facial tools, the gua sha has got to be one of my favorites. I loved picking it up, while bored, and completing a series of strokes to get the blood flowing.

Where I messed up was that I didn't have a dedicated routine to follow.  As a result of that, I found myself using my beloved gua sha less and less.

Then things changed when I logged into YouTube, recently,  and was greeted with a video recommendation that would get me back on track.
Victoria Secret model, Romee Strijd was generous enough to reveal her detailed gua sha facial stimulation routine.  What immediately caught my attention was her proclamation that this routine resulted in firmer skin, thanks to her consistent actions.

She's in her 20's so it's kind of a big deal for her experience a noticeable difference. You could actually see how healthy her skin appears in the video.

As I watched her execute the serious of steps in her ritual, I knew that it was something special.  I love how Romee segments the face so every single area receives special treatment.  I have to admit that I wasn't as detailed when I did this on my own.  Ever since I've stumbled on Romee's vid, I've since returned to using my gua sha on a daily basis (using her steps).

Once she completes her gua sha routine, Romee pics up her microcurrent tool and uses it to further chisel her jawline.  Then she grabs her manual microcurrent roller that combines light electrical muscle stimulation + facial massage benefits.  Lastly, she breaks out her mini facial cups for an even more intense experience.  Romee utilized multiple gua sha tools in one session but I found it possible to follow along, every step of the way, using this version.

Combining all three techniques in one session would certainly bring in noticeable results.  I've been doing her gua sha routine alone and love it! Next week I'll experiment with adding microcurrent to enhance muscle stimulation in problem areas. 

Can't wait!

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