The One Technique that Ensures that You Manifest Consistently.

Typically, I like to dedicate the last 3 months in the year on focusing on goals that I haven't yet achieved.  Since we're entering a new decade soon, these next three months are pretty important.  Recently, I realized that there were some areas where I've been slacking.  So now I've got to really raise my focus to make up for lost time.

For the next few months, I'd like to be manifesting in a big way.  Sounds great, but words mean little if there's no action to back it up.  To make sure that I experience real results, I plan on implementing a strategy that practically guarantees successful manifestation.
The term manifestation can be a bit misleading.  It kinda implies that you're sitting back and waiting for the thing you want to happen.  Sometimes that's true, but more often then not, manifestation is about following a process that works for you.  Sometimes that process involves only visualizing and expressing gratitude but, in most instances, the manifestation process is a bit more tangible and action orientated.

I don't know about you but a lot of my goals require necessary action in order to manifest.  I always seem to have the right intentions but I fall short when it comes to consistently taking the action required to power my goals.

This week a friend celebrated her birthday.  At the party were a group of her friends that I've met at past get-togethers.  One woman, in particular, inspired me to write this post.  When she arrived, I barely recognized her.  She grew her hair out from a short cut to an early length bob.  But that wasn't her most obvious change.  Her body looked absolutely amazing.  The last time I saw her, was at the start of the year.  During our convo, she expressed how she used to work out years ago and wanted to get back into that routine.

It was very obvious that she has manifested the type of physique that she desired not so long ago.

I overheard a quick convo between her and another attendee.  The girl was like "wow I need to work out with you.....are you still going to the gym at 5:00 am?"  The woman confidently answered, "yep, 5:00 am."

Without realizing it, she reminded me of the secret to successful manifestation. 

Scheduling your goal-related activities.

Months ago, she was longing to return to a life of fitness.  Today, she's enjoying the wonderful result of her efforts. All because she understood the principle of putting something on a calendar to increase the likelihood that it gets done.  It's one thing to say "I wanna start working out again"'s a whole nother ballgame when you decide to be at the gym at 5:00 am.  The time is an arbitrary number.  She works full time so 5:00 am might be her only opportunity to go.  What's important was that she scheduled a specific time for her goal-related activity.

For every goal/outcome you want to achieve, there are a series of actions required for you to realize that goal.  The #1 reason why we don't make progress towards our goals is that we don't do the actions associated with them.  The #1 reason why we don't engage in goal-related activities is because all 24 hours in the day are already occupied with what we currently do.  New actions have to be inserted into our current routines.  And the best way to do this is to schedule a time for these actions to take place.

For the next several months, I'm going to place a high level of importance on following my calendar.  Whenever I used to get overwhelmed at work, the very first thing I'd so was schedule everything.  Every time I followed a disciplined schedule, things seemed to magically fall into place.  Scheduling time to work on your goals can mean the difference between realizing your goals vs. just wishing for them.

Another wonderful benefit to blocking off time to achieve your desires is that it allows you to prioritize your goal over everything else.  You're literally telling yourself that "this is important to me."   And, while you're engaged in goal-related activities, you are altering your vibration to align with what you want.

When your vibration is altered, you attract almost effortlessly. 

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  1. Just what I needed. I said I was going back to boot camp since the new cycle starts over this week. I brought my workout clothes with me to work, still didn't go yesterday. But I WILL be going today.


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