How to Ensure that Your Life Thrives in 2020.

This weekend I randomly jumped on a life-changing Instagram session.  Her intention was merely to catch up and share some life updates but something she said really struck a nerve.  At one point during the Live, she talked about how her life was now thriving and how life was good before but now she was experiencing a new level.

Once the Live ended, I did a little self-reflection and asked myself, "am I thriving?"

The honest answer....."no."

Don't get me wrong, things are good.  But good isn't the same as thriving.  With a new year coming soon, I'd like to set myself up to thrive in 2020.  Let's talk about how to do that.

  1. - grow or develop well or vigorously.
    • prosper; flourish.

When I think of the word "thrive," the image that comes to my mind one of a plant with lush green foliage.  I do not have a green thumb.  For the longest time, any plant that I tried to care for would meet an untimely demise.  But, something seemed to change this year.  I was determined to successfully raise plants and I'm happy to report that all of my plant babies are actually thriving.  They were healthy when I  purchased them and now they're exponentially bigger, stronger and flourishing. 

This is how our life should be.

We should be able to take any current situation and transform it into something amazing. 

If I were to take a current inventory of my life, it would look something like this:

-Health/Fitness- "ok"
-Friendships- "fine"
-Business- "adequate"
-Personal growth-"so-so"

There aren't any areas in my life where I could confidently proclaim that I'm thriving.  Instead of waiting for things to turn around, we can alter our situation and create a new reality in which we can thrive.  The first step to take in this transformation process is to think back to a time when you were thriving and identify the factors that contributed to it. 

One thing I realized is that I have given up some of the routines that once nurtured my growth.  For instance, my mental focus and clarity thrive when I meditate regularly.  My body thrives with regular strength training workouts.  But I've been undisciplined with these routines and my growth has leveled off as a result. 

The routines that I have now don't foster my growth---they don't help me to thrive.  It's like keeping my plants in a smaller pot that restricts (and constricts).  If you are determined to flourish in life, you have to be familiar with what feeds your growth.   I know that I thrive in situations where each day is different, yet, I find myself working from home most of the time.  This is contradictory to the path that creates my growth.  In fact, I recall the biggest month in sales I've ever had was during a time when I experimented with incorporating a bunch of new experiences into my life.  I barely worked that month yet I exceeded my income goals.  Why? Because I focused on the elements that made me thrive.

Another way to ensure that your life thrives is to infuse new elements into your life that fosters your growth.  In the case of the woman on IG Live, launching a Youtube channel (something she feared) contributed to her financial abundance and numerous other career opportunities.  You can not continue to thrive if you keep everything the same.  It's just not realistic.  Something has to change. We all know what that "thing" is.   We just have to look inwards and the answer will be obvious.

Let's not forget the importance of creating a clear mental image of what your life looked like if you were thriving.  How would you look? How would you feel? What would your life be like on a day-to-day basis? How much money would you be making?  These are the types of questions that I daydreamed about before I became an entrepreneur.  Once the picture was clear in my mind, I tried my best to make that image a reality.  The closer my life mirrored that image, the more I thrived. 

With over a month left in this decade, it's time for us to take full control of the destiny of our year (decade ahead).  Let us firmly plant ourselves in an environment where we can ultimately flourish.

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