[Bedside Beauty] The Essentials that'll Save My Skin This Winter

With winter around the corner, I'm scrambling for ideas on how to proactively treat my skin.  Last winter, I realized that the biggest area of opportunity to really infuse moisture into the skin is before bed or early morning hours.

I can't tell you how many times I've woken up overnight feeling parched from head to toe.  My lips were dry, I was thirsty, and my skin was suffering.  I just don't do well at all in low humidity conditions.  This winter I'm winning the war on dryness thanks to my new little beauty kit.  Last year, I made sure to keep a bottle of water within arms reach of my pillow at all times.  The benefits I experienced were numerous. Now I'm ready to take things to the next level.

Let's have a chat about the bedside beauty essentials that'll save my skin this winter.
As soon as I recognized the need to assemble a team of hydration powerhouses, I grabbed a set of bamboo organizer boxes on Amazon to prepare.  I loved how the organizers came in a variety of sizes.  The larger boxes were used to store my growing supplement collection.  It made an immediate difference in how neat my countertops looked compared to before.

The smaller boxes were set aside for as beauty organizers.  One sits on my office desk, the other holds a few essentials in the bathroom.  The last one is dedicated to the bedroom.  For weeks, I've been considering putting together a collection of my favorite moisture-enhancing products in one place.  The inspiration came from early mornings when I would wake up with dry lips. Or sometimes, I'll hastily wash my face before bed without going through all the steps to rehydrate properly.  With this nifty little box, I could do the bare minimum to prep my skin while enjoying the comfort of my bed.

Once the boxes arrived, I began the process of identifying which products would make the most impact.  Here's what I've collected so far.

\\ NYX All Over Body Balm ~ Necessary for the extra dry areas like elbows, feet, fingers, toes.

\\ Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer ~ A lightweight, ultra-hydrating balm.  One of my favorite drug store purchases this year.  It also has SPF which is a plus.

\\ Glossier Balm Dot Com ~ This balm is thicker which works great to protect my lips overnight.

\\ Squalane Oil ~ My absolute favorite oil to wear on my skin at night. My skin drinks it up and feels great in the morning.

\\ Moistful Collagen Stick~ It's like a balm that hydrates.  I use it targetting the drier areas on my face.  Sometimes I flake at the hairline or near the corners of my nose. This adds an extra layer of moisture.

\\ Kiehl's Moisturizing Eye Stick (discontinued) ~ This product is kinda like a balm in stick form.  I'm experimenting with using it on the parts of my face where I get creases from my sleep habits.  Also going to apply it on my smile lines and under eyes.

\\ Glossier You Fragrance ~ A fresh, light fragrance that works beautifully with your natural scent.  Perfect for wearing to bed.

\\ Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool ~ Sometimes, when I get out of bed, I rush to my computer and get straight to work.  Going forward, I'd like to depuff my face in bed before my feet hit the ground.  That's one less thing to worry about from my morning to-do list.

\\ Glow Recipe Sleeping Mask ~ A water-based hydration for when my skin is really parched.   This is a cult-classic in Korean skincare industry.

\\ Gel Eye Masks ~ I don't wear eye masks as much as I'd like.  Having these in my beauty box will serve as a reminder for me to actually use them.

\\ A Tiny Roller Ball ~ Liquid essence has to be my favorite type of moisturizing product.  It's like water but ultra-nourishing.  When I used my little rollerballs consistently, I noticed an improvement in fine lines and increased plumpness.  Definitely need to get back to doing that again.

Part of the reason I selected these items is due to their convenient size combined with their level of effectiveness.  I don't plan on only using them in the middle of the night or before bed.  Whenever I'm lazily scrolling through my phone in the bed, I can break out my eye masks or rehydrate my driest areas with the collagen stick. While watching IG stories, I can give myself a gua sha massage in bed.  An awesome thing about this moisture emergency kit is that it helps me get more use of my favorite products.

It's convenient.  It's practical.  It's effective.

Other beside beauty essentials that I forgot to mention include our beloved humidifier and a small bottle of water.   What makes this collection special is they all have their unique strengths.  The further we get into winter, the most items I'll use from my box. I'm prepared for everything and anything.

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