Micro Needling Patches // The Evolution of Sheet Mask Proven to Fight Wrinkles

The other night I had a conversion with a friend who was in the process of researching botox as an option to treat her forehead wrinkles.  While botox is an effective solution for dealing with (and preventing) wrinkles, it's expensive.  There's also the unwanted side effect of looking like botox face from overuse.  Botox might work but I like first seek out more natural solutions.

As luck would have it, I happened to stumble upon a treatment option that is much more natural, and less expensive than botox.  Best of all, this product is readily accessible and was shown in studies to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
From what I gather, wrinkles are the result of one or more of the following:
- visible loss of collagen below the skin's surface.
-extreme chronic dryness of the skin
- deterioration of the skin from sun exposure

When the first signs of wrinkles begin to appear, it's typically the result of chronic dryness.  Here's why I say this....

Ever let your hands and feet get really dry?  What do you notice?  Suddenly all the lines and cracks in your skin become obviously visible.  All we have to do is moisturize our hands/feet and the surface wrinkles seem to suddenly disappear.

I believe that we can take the "deep hydration" approach for managing wrinkles on our faces as well. It may not happen instantly like when we apply lotion to the hands, but high moisture levels on the face can absolutely diminish the look of wrinkles on the face.   How is this possible?  Because moisture is known to have a plumping effect on the skin.  If your wrinkles aren't because of extreme collagen or bone loss, your skin will appear younger if well hydrated.

If you want to hydrate for younger skin, you'll have to put in a little more effort than just wearing a little moisturizer every day.  Why do you think sheet masks got so popular in recent years? 'Cause they oversaturate the skin, making it appear healthier, plumper and more radiant.  Sheet masks work so well that beauty brands further improved their design with mini-masks that target specific areas of the face.  There are mini-sheet masks for the under-eye area, forehead, crows feet, and smile lines.  If you need intense moisture in any area of the face, they make a tiny sheet mask for that.

But it gets better....

This morning, I learned of the existence of hyaluronic acid microneedling patches.  What are they?  Basically, they're like the tiny sheet masks we know and love, but with tiny hyaluronic acid "needles" that drive the intense moisture deep into the skin's layer.  As the patch is worn, the hyaluronic acid microstructures dissolve into the skin.  This makes them a perfect option to wear overnight for younger skin in the a.m.

But do they actually work?

According to a recent study of 84 women, women who paired microneedle patches with a wrinkle cream experienced significant improvement in crows feet and smile line wrinkles compared to those who used a wrinkle cream or micro needling patches alone.

By the way, hyaluronic acid is just one option. They also make these patches to treat acne or hyperpigmentation.    So now, my friend can opt to experiment with these targetted patches for a few weeks to see if this non-evasive option works for her.  This could prove to be a viable alternative to injecting hyaluronic acid via expensive fillers.  If you're in the market for fillers, don't forget that micro channeling exists.  These HA patches are an excellent place to start if you want to smooth out wrinkles with the help of targeted hyaluronic acid therapy.

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  1. Love your blog chica! Always getting me to try new things. I ordered the patches you linked in the article and after the first time it really helped to plump up my sunken eye area. We'll see if this can improve over time, but thank you for suggesting.


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