First Impressions// Why Salt Rooms are an Amazing Self-Care Experience.

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A few years ago, I participated in a series of wellness experiences as a means of elevating my vibration.  Basically, I signed up for a bunch of services including massage treatments, infrared sauna sessions, float tanks, cryotherapy, etc.  All of those experiences were amazing.  The best part is that I was able to manifest growth in my business by working less.  Abundance just seemed to flow.

One other experience that I really wanted to try was a salt room.  I've written multiple articles on the benefits of pink salt.  Not only is it nutritionally superior to plain ole table salt, it also has potential beauty benefits as well.

This past Christmas, I was blessed with a gift card to a local salt room.  This gift was given by a family member who lives across the country and had no idea this was something I wanted.  The gift card was an incredible manifestation.  This past weekend was my first of many salt room visits.  The experience was so incredible that I immediately wanted to book a second session. 

For those who've always been curious about visiting a salt cave, I hope this post helps to convince you to take the plunge.

Prior to my salt room appointment, I did a brief search online to refresh my memory on the potential benefits.  After reviewing the list, I concluded that I probably wouldn't experience any obvious benefits because I don't suffer from any breathing ailments or allergies.  Even so, I still was optimistic that it would be a positive experience overall.

When you walk into a salt cave, you'll notice that the entire room is made of purified, pure salt (typically mined from far away places).  You're walking on crushed salt, the walls are covered in salt and there's a machine blowing salt particles into the room so you can breathe it in.

Salt spas typically provide lounge chairs that you can recline in.  It was very easy to get comfortable right away.  My husband immediately fell into a deep sleep (the entire weekend he kept talking about how restful that nap was).  I put my cell phone away and, for the duration of the session, I proceeded to meditate.  The lighting in the room was dim and they played meditation music in the background.  This made it easy for me to a deep meditative state without distraction.  At that very moment, I decided that I would continue to purchase salt room sessions even if my only benefit was getting to experience a higher level of mind-focus.

The hour went by too quickly.  Upon rising from my chair, I licked my lips and realized that they suddenly felt softer, more moisturized.  That's when I remembered that salt is a powerful hydrator.
The other woman in the room with us shared that she purchased a monthly package so she could visit the room each week to keep her allergies at bay.  That's when I began to fantasize about what benefits I could experience if this became a regular ritual.

I'm pretty sure my acne-prone skin would have loved to experience regular salt room sessions.  Back in the day, I experimented with toning with salt water to help keep inflammation at a minimum.  I also thought about how salt was used to preserve meat before refrigeration became a thing.  What if regular visits to the salt room helps the skin to stay younger looking, longer?

At a cellular level, salt rooms surround us with negative ions.  This may sound bad but, when it comes to ions, positive is bad, negative is good.  Negative ions help to stimulate cell metabolism, purify the blood, neutralize free radicals, and enhance immune function.  We want all the negative ions we can get!  Positive ions, on the other hand, are released by our electronic devices and promote inflammation.  We're surrounded by positive ions for most of the day.  So if we treat ourselves to an hour in the salt room, it's like a mini-detox.

One last thing that I should mention is that my dermatitis seemed to flake up a little immediately after being in a salt room.  I take this as a good sign because sometimes flaking increases as the skin heals underneath.  After a few more treatments, I'll know for sure if pink salt could offer benefits to my scalp.  Some articles online claim that pink salt can help treat dandruff.  I can't wait to experience it firsthand (along with softer skin). 

I urge everyone to head on over to Groupon to see if you can find a salt room treatment at a great introductory price.  A lot of places are charging $25.00 or so for your first treatment.  Put it on your bucket list of lifestyle experiences for 2020!

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