My Favorite Body Exfoliation Bar Just Got Better!

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In 2019, I discovered my new favorite body care product thanks to an Instagram Beauty Secret reveal.  Any long-time readers know that I'm obsessed with body exfoliation.  I attribute my long-standing habit of scrubbing in the shower daily as a key to helping to minimize discoloration on the body.

Until recently, I mainly relied on the help of sugar crystals to help slough off dead skin.  While sugar scrubs are great, they just didn't compare with the amazing microdermabrasion bar from CrystalPeel.  This exfoliation soap has my entire heart.  I didn't think I could find anything better.

Until now...

There I was, just minding my business when a representative from CrystalPeel sent a message on IG informing me of another product release.  They launched another version of their famous exfoliating soap and wanted to send one as a gift.  Although I gladly accepted their offer, deep down,  I didn't know if I could love another exfoliating soap as much as the original.  Plus, this product was marketed as a pre-tanning soap.  Since I don't tan, I didn't know if I was their target audience for such a product.

Not long after our DM exchange, the product arrived.  The first thing I noticed was the difference in size between their original exfoliating soap and this pre-tan/waxing formula.  At first, I was a little bummed out about the smaller sized product but I soon realized that the new, smaller size was an excellent strategy.

Upon taking it out of the package, I realized that the soap fits neatly within the palm of my hand.  This made it very effective for using all of the body.  I could scrub my shoulders, back, legs, with ease.  But my favorite part of the entire experience was noticing that this version of the microdermabrasion soap performed a little differently than the original. 

For one, this bar actually felt and performed like a hydrating bar of soap (it's enriched with nourishing ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil, & shea butter).  Their megabar, while effective, doesn't actually behave like your average bar of soap. It's more of an exfoliation powerhouse.  The pre-tanning bar is the best of both worlds.  It exfoliates the skin while feeling like a nourishing body bar. 

It's phenomenal.

Because this bar provides a superior exfoliating experience, while performing like a typical bar of soap, I find myself using it more consistently.  This is perfect because regular exfoliation is the key to life itself.   I should also mention that Crystal Peel's pre-tan bar is less than half the price of the original.

 Here's more good news.  The folks at CrystalPeel created a special discount code if you want to try this new pre-tan soap, their original exfoliating bar, or any of their products at 15% off.  Side note, their exfoliating face creme is also one of my all-time favorites.  Enter code life2020 at checkout to save! 

Cell turnover slows down during the winter months so this is the perfect time to get consistent with our exfoliation routines! 

***One additional comment I'd like to make is that the original microdermabrasion exfoliation bar seems a bit more intense than the pre-tan bar.  If you have sensitive skin, the pre-tan bar is a great choice.  The larger bar can be used for more intense exfoliation while the pre-tan bar can be used on a daily basis to maintain soft skin.***

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  1. Thanks for the info! I ordered and have committed to using the bar in the shower twice per week and follow up with an intense shea butter lathering after to see how much the glow improves before bikini season!


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