This Might Be the Greatest Sheet Mask Tip of All Time!

I can't believe that we're months into winter and I haven't written the sheet mask post yet.  Don't worry ladies, I won't let you down, because I'm here to share one of my best sheet mask tips yet.  I can't even begin to tell you how many sheet masks I have in piled up in my drawer.    I'm always making silent promises to use up my masks, but fitting in that extra step into my already elaborate skin routine isn't always convenient.

Deep down, I know that if I were to mask more often, my skin would be immaculate.  But who has the time?

I do! Especially now that I've discovered a secret sheet masking tip that a Korean beauty enthusiasts swears by.

Instead of saving our precious sheet masks for #sundayselfcare, let's experiment by giving #sheetmaskshowers a try.

Yes, you read that correctly.  This week I'm going to test our showering with a sheet mask on to see if it gives me that "baby-butt-smooth" skin that sheet mask showerers rave about.

I know you're probably thinking about how this is going to work logistically.

Well, first, before actually stepping into the shower, you'll cleanse your face properly.   Typically, you want to avoid washing your face in the shower especially in winter because we tend to use water that's too hot and too drying for our skin.  Instead of dousing your face in hot shower water, why not treat your skin to a hydrating shower facial instead?

Once upon a time, I decided to give myself a nice facial at home.  The steps consisted of cleansing, steaming, then putting on a clay mask.  Once the clay mask was rinsed off the skin, I closed out the process with a hydrating sheet mask.  The results were phenomenal.  I'm hoping to recreate something similar each time I shower.

Here's the deal, I have one of these silicone face mask covers that will come in handy for this experiment.  The silicon cover helps keep the mask perfect in place while I multitask.  The combination of steam plus hydrating serum will interact with your skin in a new, wonderful way.  As your pores open, your skin will happily absorb the yummy ingredients embedded into your sheet mask.  Apparently, the combination of steam/water from the shower with the sheet mask creates an ultra plumping effect.   Another alternative to this hack is wearing a sheet mask while you enjoy a luxurious bath.

Even if you don't do this every day, sheet mask showering is a perfect addition to the pre-night out ritual. I suspect this shower-sheet mask trick will enhance the performance of those so-so, low cost, sheet masks that aren't as great as the premium ones.   If you've got a busy weekend planned with no time to execute a 10-step facial, give this a try and see if your skin loves it!

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  1. I steam my face using my face steamer with my sheet masks on and it's clutch! I've always done the shower masking thing, but actually sitting in front of my mini face steamer kicks it up a few notches for m.


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