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I went to high school in the '90s.  Back then long lashes weren't really a thing.  No one wore false lashes and lash extensions weren't even invented yet.  But, there was this one girl who had these super long barbie lashes that I was obsessed with.  Based on a visual inspection, her lashes were absolutely real.  They were long and spidery and made her eyes look large and doe-like.  She was very much a tom-boy in how she dressed. Everything was baggy and oversized.  But she balanced the boyish style by always keeping her hair in neat box braids and framing her eyes with her extraordinary lashes.

Here's the thing, about mid-way through a school year, an Afro-Brazilian girl transferred to our school. She had a heavy accent and it was obvious that she wasn't yet indoctrinated into American culture.  Within a short time, she and the girl the amazing lashes became great friends.  Then something interesting happened.  The new girl started looking more and more like my friend with each passing day.  She too wore box braids and baggy gear.  It wasn't long before her lashes began to look amazing.  I ever ran into my friend from high-school again, the first thing I would ask her is to divulge her eyelash regimen.  Because after seeing the new girl completely replicate the look, I knew there was a method to her results.

Sadly, I've never been able to recreate the look from mascara alone.  But, thanks to modern technology, I may have another option that may work just as well.

Another friend of mine has these amazing large eyes.  To accentuate them, she often wears strip lashes which makes her look even more polished.  Here's the thing, she admitted that years of wearing lash extensions consistently have taken a toll on her natural lashes.  Honestly, the thought of that scares me.  My lashes are already struggling so I'm deathly afraid of making them even more sparse by overusing extensions.

Now for the good news.  The beauty industry saw a need for a more "natural" alternative to false lashes and came through!

Ladies, I want to introduce you to the Keratin Lash Lift!

Before I get into the details, I need to disclose that I've had a Lash Lift before and the results weren't that impressive.  I first learned of the lash lift (also known as a lash perm) several years ago and immediately set an appointment upon learning of its existence.  Honestly, I think the woman performing the lift had very little experience because the process was so new.  Perhaps my lashes were too short to create a noticeable difference.  Either way, I was saddened that I couldn't replicate the look of falsies with my normal lashes so I went on about my life.

Fast forward to this week when I learn of the advent of the Keratin Lash Lift.  What caught my attention were the before/after pics which seemed to demonstrate a more noticeable result than the original version.  Those pictures reminded me of my high school friend with the super-extended lashes.

 The first thought that came to mind was "what's the difference between first lash lift and the keratin version."

Whenever I hear the term "keratin" associated with any type of hair treatment, I get excited.  Basically, keratin treatments infuse the hair with healthy proteins that make them stronger and more resilient.  Instead of diminishing my lashes, the Keratin lift could potentially make them stronger, healthier.  When you study the before/after pics, keratin lashes not only look longer, they appear thicker and healthier as well.  The first version of the lash lift seemed to only make them appear slightly longer.

Last summer, I took the plunge and got some lash extensions. They were cute but didn't last long.  Then I had to go through that awkward stage when some of the extensions started coming off.  I don't want to have to deal with that. I just want to wake up and look amazing.  Is that too much to ask?

People with lash extensions always boast about how much it saves it because they don't have to apply mascara to get that doe-eyed look.  They just wake up and look amazing.  Well, the keratin lash lift provides that similar effect (and time savings) except your lashes don't look artificial and you don't have to worry about losing individual lashes a little at a time.

So now, I'm ready to get back on the lash lift bandwagon again.  Based on the video below, it might make sense to visit a few lash stylists to find the one(s) who can give the best results based on their specific application technique.   Best of all, the results can last 8 weeks or more and, with each appointment, you might be experiencing healthier lashes in the long run.

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