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Somewhere on my list of to-dos is the intention of compiling a list of my current beauty favorites.  Today, I'm happy to share recent purchases that will certainly make an appearance on that list.  Last year, Glossier announced the release of a couple additions to their beloved Cloud Paint line up.  I couldn't resist myself, I had to give Spark a try.

Over the course of time, I've purchased Cloud Paint in numerous shades.  It feels like I've been on a relentless search for the perfect cheek tint.  I wanted to recreate the look of naturally flushed cheeks but that's not always easy to do on darker skin tones.  

As soon as I laid eyes on Spark, I knew Glossier had created something special.  

The consistency of Cloud Paint is something like BB Cream.  It's light, hydrating, and formulated to melt effortlessly into the skin.  Cloud paint stains the cheek in the most natural way creating a "flushed from within" finish.

The idea for this tinted creamy blush was ingenious. If you love natural makeup looks that accentuate your beauty, you simply can not be without Glossier Cloud Paint because it's the most natural looking blush in the world. 
Glossier Cloud Paint in "Dawn" another of my favorites.

Spark has taken the place as my favorite from the Cloud Paint lineup because it's the perfect shade of red.  With just a few tiny drops, I can create rosy cheeks and blushing lips.  To complete the look, I'll blend a little Spark to tint the eyelids.   Don't let the reddish color of Spark scare you.  When blended into deep skin tones, it replicates the appearance of blood flow and healthy skin.  Spark is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Sometimes, if I go a little overboard with it, I simply dust my cheeks with a thin layer of pressed powder to give it a more natural-looking finish.  Adding a light layer of powder over Cloud Paint really creates that lit from within look.

Next up on the "add to cart" list....Cloud Paint- Eve.  


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