Wet-Skin Moisturizers will Save Our Skin from Winter.


The worst winter experience has to be stepping out of the shower then subsequently experiencing dry skin even though you were emersed in water only minutes before. It never fails, the minute you step out of the shower it’s like a timer goes off in which you have a small window to moisturize your skin otherwise you’ll be dealing with extreme dryness for the remainder of the day.

For some reason, lotions just don’t seem to have the same effect in the winter like when it’s warmer. Their formula seems to thicken as temperatures drop making it more difficult for them the permeate dry skin. 

Thankfully, it seems as if there’s a new answer to our winter dry skin woes. Beauty brands have felt our pain and developed a new line of products made specifically to moisturize post-shower skin.

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to in-shower body conditioners. 

In-shower lotions are long overdue.  They're a new product category meant to deliver high doses of hydration as soon as you step out of the shower. We’ve all heard the advice to apply lotion on wet skin after stepping out of the shower to improve hydration longevity. But most traditional lotions weren’t really meant to be applied on wet skin. Lotions are thick and typically sit on the wet skin longer than necessary.  Notice how long it takes for your skin to absorb lotion when rubbed in while you're still wet.

Wet skin moisturizer is on the other hand were specially formulated for this exact type of activity.  They take advantage of the added moisture to soften and hydrate.  There’s even a line of products called body conditioners which is the same concept.  In-shower body conditioners are meant to be rinsed off in the shower leaving behind intensely hydrated skin. 

When we wash our hair, we'd never step out of the shower without conditioning because we’d be left with dry frizzy hair.   Yet we shower with rich cleansers and step out before conditioning leaving the skin vulnerable to becoming extremely dry. 

Now, we have options we can either choose a wet skin (post-shower) moisturizer or a rinse-off body (in-shower) conditioner. They are a few options available in the market to choose from. If a wet skin moisturizer picture interests you, then check out Curel, Nivea, or Jergens. Curel claims to have a developed a water-activated formula that works with water to penetrate the deepest layer of the skin surface- resulting in three times more hydrated skin. Curel’s formula contains a ceramide complex, provitamin B5 as well as jojoba and olive oils. 

I’ve tried Neutrogena’s in shower bath oil and to be honest I wasn’t a fan. The formula just kind of sat on my skin and didn’t really do much to boost hydration levels. But I am very interested in using a wet-skin lotion first then maybe finishing off my body moisture routine with a sealing oil.    


  1. Olay in shower body lotion is the best in shower body lotion I've tried. It leaves your skin silky with a healthy glow. It's hard to find in stores buy I purchase from Amazon in bulk and the reviees give testimony too.. It's truly God sent for winter skin.

    1. I loved the smell of Olay. But yes, it's hard to find now. My only complaint was the film from it caused my drain to clog frequently. I've also used Nivea. It's pretty good also.

  2. You should try the In Shower Body Melt by black owned brand 54 Thrones. Some of their products were on Oprah’s favorite things & I love their body melt. You apply in shower while wet but leave it on without any need to rinse off.


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