Style Inspo// The Statement Sweater


Over the past few years, we've seen a huge increase in loungewear's popularity.  Back in the day, we'd wear sweats for a lazy weekend at home.  Now sweats are the go-to essential for a casual winter look.  I like being comfy as much as the next person, but for some reason, I just can't fully get into sweats.  

So I'm taking a different approach.  

Instead of loading up on a bunch of sweatshirts, I'll be investing my hard-earned money on a few statement sweaters.

The inspiration came when I saw an image of a muse on my timeline.  Everything about her was striking from her deep skin tone to the accents of gold jewelry and tousled hair.  But, what stood out to me the most was what she was wearing.  


She's draped in this comfy cropped sweater that looks amazing against her skin.   The neutral blocks of color is the perfect choice for fall.  To add a bit of flair, she opted for a cropped sweater with bell sleeves.  Instead of a pair of sweats, she completes the look with fitted denim.


The look is casual, chic, and easy to recreate.  All one needs is to find the right statement sweater.  

If color blocking isn't your thing, then feel free to stick to solid neutrals. 

Notice how Anastasia opted for a solid chocolate sweater with an asymmetrical neckline.

  It's the small details.  

I'm kind of a plain girl by nature.  Sweats make me look like I put in absolutely no effort.  I need to incorporate some simple pieces that add a bit of razzle-dazzle to my casual winter looks. 

Neutral sweaters are it!

 I love how well sweaters compliment jeans. The elastic waistbands on sweatpants don't do me any favors.  This is probably why I pack on a few extra pounds every winter without noticing.  As soon as I'm back to wearing jeans, I adjust my diet and lifestyle accordingly. 

Most of us already have a few oversized sweatshirts laying around.  But have you started creating your capsule sweater collection?

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