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I own a lot of eye shadows.  A lot.   No matter how many palettes I purchase, I always seem to end up buying more.  Sure, you can blame this on my uncontrolled spending habits, but I think there's a deeper issue at play.  

I've come to realize that when I buy the same type of product over and over again, it's because I'm looking for the perfect version of said product.  In the case of eyeshadow, I'm searching for the holy grail formula with the maximum color payoff.  As someone who has highly pigmented lids that tend to get oily, wearing eyeshadow feels like a losing battle. 

But today, I feel a renewed sense of hope because I may have been introduced to the product that will end my eye shadow buying habit for good.  

Ladies, may I introduce you to Milk's Hydro Grip Eyeshadow Primer

Milk Makeup knows what they're doing when it comes to primers.  Twitter practically bullied me into getting their Hydro Grip primer and I have absolutely zero regrets.  Little did I know that they also developed an eye primer that holds magical powers.  

Check out this video to see exactly what I'm talking about.  


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I mean..... How can you watch that video and not be totally excited about the possibilities?  I think of all my shadows collecting dust in a drawer because the pigment just wasn't giving what it was supposed to. This eye primer seems to have the ability to help mediocre shadows to reach their fullest potential.  I can't wait to try the Monochromatic Lid using this amazing eye shadow primer.   

I really didn’t expect this 😱💫 @milkmakeup ##viralmakeup ##makeupreview

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Purchasing this single product could end up saving me countless dollars on my eye shadow budget.  Milks Eye primer is a must-have.

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