[Get Into It] The Monochromatic Lid


As the weekend approaches, I'm making a mental note of a few self-care activities to indulge in.  Included on my to-do list was setting aside some time to try out a new makeup look.  I've had my eyes on a modern take on eyeshadow application that I can't wait to try.  

Instead of cut creases and multiple shades, we've now entered the age of the monochromatic lid. This is basically monotoned eyeshadow makeup that can be worn on a night out or as part of an everyday look. what I'm loving about this trend is that both the glam girls and those who prefer a more toned-down look can both participate.    It also seems like it requires a less precise application technique than we've seen with previous eyeshadow looks with detailed shading and blending.  This means that we all can master it with a little practice.  

For your first attempt, you can follow this MAC tutorial featuring a very wearable version of the monochromatic lid.  

Once you've got the hang of the everyday monochromatic eye, it's time to experiment with a more dramatic look.  

If you have smaller set eyes, this technique makes your eyes more prominent.  I have tiny eyes and the everyday monochrome look was really flattering.  If your eyes are on the larger side, going monochrome will make them look unreal.  

So now the fun starts. Experiment with different shades of pink, orange, burgundy, or browns and see which monochrome color palette works for you.

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