All The Reasons Why You Need Body Oil in Your Winter Skin Routine.


Winter isn't even here yet and my skin is already going crazy.  I live in a high humidity environment so any slight change downwards sends my skin spiraling.  Every year, I suffer from excessively dry skin on my legs and feet.  

Although I routinely oil my face and hair, I've never seriously explored the possibility of becoming a regular user of body oil.  After quickly running down the list of all the benefits of body oil, I had no choice but to join the body oil brigade.

Body Oil Helps Our Skin Retain Moisture Longer. 

The #1 and most obvious reason why we all need to find the perfect body oil for winter is because oil is the ultimate moisture retainer.  Nothing else seals in moisture better than plant oils.  Sealing moisturizer on our hair without oil is unheard of. The same philosophy applies to our skin as well.  Applying a body oil right after stepping out of the shower is the best decision you can make this winter.  

I love the feel of using oil directly on slightly damp skin but if your loyalty is with lotion, feel free to mix your favorite lotion & oil to create the perfect hydration-nourishment combination.  Oil actually helps lotion spread better on the skin and will allow the hydrating ingredients to stay on the skin longer.

Body Oil Helps Your Fragrance Last Longer 

Another, little-known secret benefit of body oil is that it helps your favorite fragrance to last longer on the skin.  Fragrance oils are touted as having the ability to stay on longer than traditional spray perfumes.  When you prep your skin with oil, you help elevate the performance of your perfume.  With the body oil + perfume combination, you get softer feeling skin that smells amazing.  What more can you ask for?

Body Oil for Deeply Nourished Skin 

Lotions are cool and all but they can't compare to the nutritional content of plant oils.  I'm talking about antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and such.  Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. Think about how much lotion we've "ingested" over the years via osmosis.  Plant oils, on the other hand, have actual nutrients that are beneficial to the skin and its cells.  Oils actually can make our skin healthier, unlike lotions which only coat the skin.  We'd be silly not to treat our skin to yummy plant oils on a regular basis.

Use Body Oil as An All Over Beauty Treatment.

One more reason why applying body oil is an absolutely essential practice is because some areas of our skin benefit highly from oil in a way that lotion can't compare.  For instance, when applying body oil, I make sure to focus on my elbows knees, and feet.  I also dab a little oil on my lips, fingernail cuticles, lashes, and hairline. By the time I'm done, I feel like I'm nourished from head to toe.  If you use the right oil, your skin will soak it all up so you don't have to worry about feeling greasy.  

I love formulas with vitamin E to help fade discoloration over time.  Some brands, like Bio-Oil even claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  Supergoop has a body oil with SPF 50.   Whichever body oil you decide is up to you. Just make sure you don't go without it. 

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