A Designer Olive Oil Dispenser is the Kitchen Accessory I Never Knew I Needed.


Yesterday was like any normal day.  After contemplating for a few minutes on what I should have for dinner, I finally decided on spaghetti and meat sauce. While cooking, I finished up the rest of my cooking oil and made a mental note to grab a bottle next time I'm at the grocery store.  Because the prices of just about everything have gone up, I decided that I'd purchase a much larger size bottle to pay less per ounce.  But the thought of having a huge bottle of oil on my kitchen counter was really off-putting.  

Minutes later, I'm watching IG stories while doing the dishes, and suddenly I'm introduced to the solution to my first-world problem.  The story featured a woman's hand which was holding the cutest olive oil dispenser I've ever seen.  My first thought was "this would look so good sitting on my counter."  I have a small kitchen and would like to keep the counter space as clear as possible.  For a long time, purchased smaller bottles of cooking oils in order to preserve space. By investing in a designer oil dispenser, my countertop would be less cluttered/more stylish.  And since, I'd be purchasing larger bottles of cooking oil which cost less per ounce, the glass dispenser would eventually pay for itself. 



The exact brand of the bottle she's holding is the Cube Borosilicate Oil Bottle by Ichendorf Milano.  Ichendorf offers a range of designer olive oil dispensers in various shapes and sizes.  I also found some cute options on Amazon for slightly less.   If your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home, perhaps it's time to graduate from plastic store brand bottles to quality glassware that makes your olive oil look like it's in a high-end fragrance bottle.  

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