Let Me Introduce You to The Best Ice Facial Roller To Ever Exist.

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By now, I'm sure you've heard about using ice to promote healthier skin.  I first discovered the wonders of cold therapy after experimenting with cold showers.   Initially, I got into the routine of taking cold showers as part of my personal development journey.  But it wasn't long before I realized that my skin loved cold showers!  Not only was my skin soft and hydrated, I also realized that cold water directly on my face made me look more vibrant.

I only get access to the coldest water during winter when pipes are affected by the outside temperature.  Once the weather warms up, my water is cool at best.  That's when I turned my attention to the use of tools developed to bring cold therapy to our beauty routines.  

Over the years, I've tried a lot of techniques. 

-I've placed my jade face roller in the freezer to cool before using.

-I've purchased one of these handheld facial ice rollers from Amazon.  They didn't seem to hold the cold temperatures long enough.

-I also bought the glass cryotherapy globes but predicted that I'd break them so I saved myself the heartbreak.

With each attempt at mastering an easy way to bring ice therapy into my daily routine, I brought myself one step closer to finding the ultimate solution....a silicone-based ice facial mold.  
Here's an example of one that makes a perfectly round ball of ice you can use on your face.

Notice how easy that was for her to use?  Silicone protects the fingers from getting too cold which allows time for you to do a proper facial.  I opted to purchase a larger, dome-size mold that holds enough ice for several sessions without having to refill it over and over.

The very first time I used my new silicone ice face roller, I knew I stumbled on something special.  I kid you not, my skin was glowing by the time I completed the very first session.  Even my hubby mentioned my glow when he came home from work.  This ice facial roller is the real deal, unlike other tools that cool stone, plastic, or metal, you're exposing your skin directly to the freezing cold temps of ice.  


Since I have found the world's most perfect ice facial tool, my search is now complete.  Every day, I can treat my skin to a simple routine that will enhance blood flow to the face.  With blood flow comes additional oxygen and precious nutrients that keep the skin looking young and healthy. 

The ice also seems to magically erase pores as the surface of the skin constricts in response to the cooler temperatures.  But my absolute favorite benefit of doing at-home ice facials is how firm and taut the skin becomes.  When it's cold out, our body prioritizes blood flow to our internal organs leaving our extremities to fend for themselves.  I believe that lowered blood flow to any area of the body is a precursor to aging.  Maybe that's why our hands and face tend to show signs of aging before the rest of the body.  My mission in life is to promote healthy blood circulation to my face as much as possible....and I can't think of an easier way to do it than using this.

One benefit I've noticed personally is that if I do an ice facial before using a microcurrent device, I can feel the tiny shocks of the current. This leads me to believe that the moisture levels of my skin are higher allowing the electrical currents to better penetrate.  Ice also helps minimize inflammation which is perfect if you're suffering from breakouts.   Someone also mentioned that her makeup stays on longer when she does an ice facial as a priming step.

The benefits are endless.

Cold showers aren't your thing? Get yourself a silicone ice facial massager.

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