The Lemonade that Curb Cravings and Supports Your Healthy Hair Goals.


I feel like my carb cravings have been out of control lately.  At any given moment, I'm probably munching on chips, brownies, chocolate bars, you name it.  To thwart this habit, I've been trying to eat a bit more fruit but it seems like, whatever I eat, my appetite can't be satisfied.  

After a little bit of thought, I realized that the reason for my current eating practices is probably because I may not be getting enough protein.  Much of the food I eat throughout the day is of convenience and most of it is heavy on carbohydrates for quick energy.

It wasn't always this way. Long ago, I would start my morning with a protein shake loaded with gelatin. This would curb my appetite for hours on end.  In fact, whenever I had a long day of errands to run, I'd make sure to drink down a protein shake before leaving to keep me from unnecessarily spending money on food when I had a full fridge at home. Somehow, I got away from making smoothies. Maybe it's the cleanup involved or the hassle of making sure I had all the ingredients on hand. The thought of having to blend a protein shake every morning got really old really quick.

I've recently learned of the existence of a line of protein powders that are very unlike the traditional protein powders we know and love.  Instead of a thick, chalky formula that needs to be blended and gulped down, this new breed of protein comes in the form of light, flavorful, and tasty juice.

The brand is ISOPURE and they've launched a line of protein infusions that are juice flavored powders that are loaded with protein.  Each lactose-free, serving contains about 20 grams of protein and only 90 calories.  All you do is add a scoop to your water and, ta-da, you've created a protein shake alternative. 

Their, sugar-free, protein juice concentrate comes in a bunch of yummy flavors like tropical punch, mixed berry, mango lime, and pineapple orange banana.  I grabbed the citrus lemonade flavor because I want to experiment with transforming my plain ol' lemon water into a protein/lemonade supertonic.  

Enjoying a serving of this protein juice a day is a great way to supplement your protein intake if you're working out regularly or if you wanna manage your calorie intake by consuming more protein.   I gotta lower my carb intake because all the processed carbs I've been eating have probably contributed to increased inflammation and no one wants that.  I'd also like to up my protein intake to support healthy hair growth and maintain muscle mass. 

If you're still trying to kick your sugary juice addiction, maybe try switching out your juice for a healthier alternative.  

I can't wait for my bottle to arrive. 

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