How to Easily Match Your Desire's Energy


 I created a fairly new ritual where, every Monday, I sit down and go over my personal and business finances for the previous week and set aside a set amount of income so I can save at least $10,000 in the year.  After completing my weekly financial recap, I verbalized my desire to have more disposable income to tackle household improvement projects and such.  Immediately upon setting my intention, I silently reminded myself that I also needed to alter (or raise) my vibration to match the new desire.  

So what does that mean?

According to the laws of manifestation, in order to attract a new outcome or experience into our lives, we must become a vibrational match to it.  Theoretically, those who achieve their goals are able to do so because they are so aligned (energetically) with their goals that its outcome is inevitable.  

I am making the assumption that I'm not (yet) a match for my desired outcome because that outcome isn't my current reality.  But my desire to increase disposable income can become very real if I just make a few shifts in order to match its same energy.  

How does one do that exactly?

Articulate Your Desire

The very first step in the process of experiencing what you want is to articulate it.  Expressing it verbally and/or writing it down should be your starting point.  Some people think this is an obvious step but I remember attending a meetup group of goal-oriented people and stumbling over my words when I was asked directly by one of the attendees to describe exactly what I wanted.  I gave her a bunch of generic responses that she was able to suss out almost immediately.  She then gave me the priceless advice of getting crystal clear with exactly what I wanted so I could actually achieve it.  

If you're not exactly sure of what you want, I suggest you start by maybe listing out what you no longer want to experience. Think about the areas of your life that frustrate you then immediately start to detail the opposite version of that reality.  I used to work excessively long hours so I would express my desire as having the freedom to enjoy and allocate my time as I please.  

Once you have an idea of what you want, now you must do the work of matching your desire's energy.

See It //

I often make the mistake of saying that I want something without ever forming a clear picture of what the end result will look like.  If my mind doesn't even have a clear image of where I'm trying to go, how can it do the work of trying to get me there?  Having an initial thought (or idea) is one thing, forming a clear picture of the intended outcome is next level.  

I'm bad at visualizing so I often skip this step.  I'm pretty certain that a lot of the goals I haven't reached might be because I don't have a clear image of what I should be striving to achieve.  It's like having a bunch of puzzle pieces with no visual representation of the finalized image you're supposed to recreate.  

Thankfully, tools like Pinterest are available to help those of us who have a hard time forming mental pictures of our ideal outcomes.  But I urge you, when you see an image that you resonate with, take it one step further and transpose that image from that screen into your imagination.

Transform it from a 2D image into your personal (mental) experience.  If you can't see yourself experiencing what you want, it'll be hard to become a vibrational match to it. 

Feel It // (or at least feel good)

This one is also kinda tough for me too because of my lack of imagination.  It's hard to feel like you already obtain something when you can't quite picture yourself possessing it.  There are a couple of ways to tackle this problem.

Tip #1:  Turn it Into a Real Experience.

 For instance, when I wanted to quit my job, I didn't know what it would actually feel like to work for myself and have complete control of my time.  So, whenever I took PTO, I would use that time to (re)create my ideal day as an entrepreneur.  I'd literally live out the day as if I worked for myself and included some lifestyle elements (like going to the gym in the middle of the day and having lunch at my favorite cafe) to help me secure the feelings of being able to achieve that lifestyle.  Anytime I needed the motivation to keep working toward my goal, I could always use my memory (which was much more effective than my imagination) to remind me of what was possible while keeping my vibration high. 

At the very least, your goal should be to maintain a feel-good routine that consistently keeps you in a positive mental state.  When I made a feel-good routine my priority, my life basically changed for the better

Prepare for It // (Build the Ark)

Once you have some of the foundational stuff in place, consider taking small acts of faith that bring you closer to your goal.  This is when you do the things that prepare you for the ideal outcome you wish to create.   I did this when I wanted to manifest a job that allowed me to work from home.  Although I didn't know if I would get the job, I spent an entire weekend converting a room in a spare office as an act of faith (and belief) that the position would be mine.  Instead of just wishing for your dream vacation, you can also plan it out in explicit detail as a way of actively expecting for the day to come.  

Create It //

Lastly,  you can match your desire's energy by engaging in acts that directly align with achieving what you want.  If you want to manifest a bigger bank account.  You can continue to wish for it or you can participate in the act of creation by following a weekly savings plan that grows your bank balance.  If your desire is to possess a more toned/fit body, you'll be creating that exact outcome by simply engaging in the act of regular walking.  For every intention you have, there are a set of associated actions that inch you closer to it.   

Even if the actions are small and it takes you a long time to get there, that's better than not taking any action at all.  If you want to amplify your results, simply intensify your actions.  The art of doing is extremely powerful because it's very closely associated with the energy of what you wish to achieve.  I just read that NBA superstar, Joel Embiid, learned to play basketball by going to YouTube and watching videos on how to play basketball.   He also said that he lived in the gym.  By focusing on constantly improving his shooting and spending hours practicing on the court, he basically aligned himself with the exact actions of a professional basketball player.  

There have been times when I've said that I wanted to experience an outcome but didn't take any action to help create it.  By not doing anything to bring me closer, I basically kept my desire at arm's length.  Simply working on my desires, for any length of time, causes me to engage in the art of creation.

When you remain in the act of creation, anything is possible.

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  1. "Prepare for it." That's the hardest part for me. I feel like I never prepare and always end up failing.


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