Affirm Fiber Guard Relaxer has arrived!!!

Affirm Fiber Guard

This long arduous day of mine has been saved by a glimmer of hope in the form of a small package. Finally the day has arrived when I can relax. After three long months of stretching, the time has come for a touch up. My Affirm Fiberguard relaxer is here. Along with the fiberguard relaxer, I also purchased the Preservo Strengthening Serum. The purpose of the serum is to protect and condition the hair during the relaxing process. The instructions state that the product is applied to the entire head of hair (including the new growth). The serum is said to minimize the swelling of the hair shaft thereby better preserving the strength of the hair.

I've read some reviews from those who've used Affirm Fiberguard relaxer saying that their new growth was not a straight as with other relaxers. Right now my main concern is with the overall strength of my hair. Bone straight roots are the least of my worries. I spend most of my days sportin' new growth waves anyway. I'll trade healthy hair for bone straight roots any day. Isn't healthy hair what this is all about?

If all goes well, I should be relaxing within the next several days. And, of course, I will most certainly share my experiences. I am taking a very systematic approach to achieving healthy hair. I'm breaking down every step of my hair care routine, looking for areas where I can improve it, and creating workable solutions with every step. If I am able to get the relaxing step right (with the help of Fiberguard), I know that will be a huge win for my hair.


  1. Shoot... now I kind of want to try Affirm Fiber Guard! =)

    I have nominated you for the "I Love Your Blog" award!! Check my blog for details!


  2. My daughter's hair has been shedding after each relaxer but our hair stylist used the affirm fiber guard and her hair is silky, straight and no longer shedding.So far I think this is a good product!!!

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