Affirm Fiberguard, will you marry me?

Affirm Fiber Guard

Here it is folks. My Fiberguard/Preservo Serum review. I actually contemplated stretching a little while longer but my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

I began my relaxer expeirence with the Preservo Serum. I parted my hair into relatively small sections, saturated each part with the product, and repeated until my entire head was adequately treated. The serum is similar in consistency to a watery/creamy leave-in. Very close to a Lacio Lacio, if I had to make a comparison. I was very grateful to this product because I pretty much had given up on trying to do anything to my hair the last week before relaxing. The Preservo Serum allowed me the ability to detangle without going completely insane.

I carefully opened the top to my relaxer and dipped my applicator brush into the contents. I immediately began regretting my inability to keep from scratching or irritating my scalp as soon as I noticed the consistency of the relaxer. It was creamier/thinner than I was used to. I knew right away that I would be enduring scalp burns as a by product of my lack of discipline.

So on I went parting, applying, parting, applying until I felt the time was right to begin smoothing. scalp burned, and yes I suffered through it for the sake of smooth edges.

Finally the time came to rinse and I quickly jumped in the shower wondering what the end result would look like. As I washed the Affirm relaxer out, it was as if I was washing out a deep conditioner. My hair was so buttery smooth and delicious. Unbelievable!

When the relaxer was completely rinsed out, my hair felt as if I already washed and deep conditioned. I still proceeded with my Silicon Mix Pearl Extract conditioner just before I neutralized and, honestly, my hair felt just as good before the Silicon Mix as it did after.

After the wash I loaded my hair with more conditioner and tested out my new generic-ghetto version of the steaming method (I'll post on this method later in the week).
After steaming, I rinsed, rollerset, and sat under the dryer.

My hair, ladies and gentlemen, is so freakin' beautiful today that I am at a loss for words. I was planning on using a black rinse to help bring back some color and shine but there's no need. My hair is darn near perfect right now. I attribute the finished product to a superior relaxer, the steaming process, a fabulous leave-in, and quality finishing products. Everything worked together in glorious harmony.

If my hair will look like this every time I relax, then I think I found my new best friend. Oh, and by the way, my roots were not at all wavy when it was all said and done. The relaxer did a great job of managing my outrageous new growth. I also wanted to mention that though my scalp burned like crazy, I am not (yet) experiencing any scabbing.

I am definitely recommending this product to anyone who is in the market for a new relaxer. I also want to recommend the Preservo Strengthening Serum because this product was the ying to my relaxer's yang. I am a very happy gal this morning and just wanted to share my joy with you all.

Be Blessed.


  1. your hair is pretty. I wonder how you keep it so healthy when perm is known as a hair remover with a low ph.

  2. Hi Anon!
    Affirm Fiberguard is said to be less damaging than regular relaxers. The formula is said to help the hair retain more if its natural strength throughout the relaxing process. I wrote a post about it.

    I also try my best to add back in what my hair lacks because of its relaxed state. It's not easy to do which is why some women prefer to sport their natural (healthier) hair.

  3. I'm glad you like the results! Ur hair looks great! I was just thinking to myself the other day about what I'm going to do when it's time to get a touch-up. I've done my own relaxers twice already, h/e I feel like I want to leave it to the professionals. I was using Optimum Anti Breakage relaxer, which worked okay for me. I guess it's nothing wrong w/ taking your own relaxer to the salon right. :) I'll def buy these and take them w/ me. Do you clip your own ends too?

  4. thanks for sharing, I just might have to purchase this. how much is it?

  5. @ Ness-Most people will allow you to bring your own relaxer if you wish. I used to get my hair done by this lady who charged me the same price even if I brought my own. I thought that was absurd.

    I do clip my own ends mainly because I rarely go to the salon and for some reason, none of my stylists have ever been able to fully diferentiate between the word "trim" and the words "shoulder length."

  6. Hi Sunshyne!
    I paid around $33.00 for a 4lb bucket of relaxer and around $11 for the Preservo Serum. Both items, with shipping, cost me less than a $75 trip to the salon.

  7. Hi there! I want to try it on my next touch up, thanks for sharing this great info. Where did you buy it? which online store? Thanks

  8. Hi!
    I am curious to know how you self relax your hair. I have considered doing a relaxer myself, but not sure how to get the back. I am also concerned about avoiding the scalp. What is your technique? Also, now that it has been a few months since using Affirm you feel the same about the product?

  9. Hi Always Fab! I do self relax and I've been doing it for years. I know that I am no where near perfect with regards to my technique. I do want to post about some tips and tricks but I want to make sure I give sound advice.
    As far as the Fiberguard, I will never use another brand of relaxer again. The stuff is wonderful!

  10. I just stumbled on this blog a couple of weeks ao and love all the information. I have incorporated a lot of the tips and have seen a change in just a few weeks. I am 9 weeks post and just ordered the fiber guard. I usually never pass 8 weeks so I am thinking I will get to 10 and then try this product. I have always loved Affirm but didn't know about this specific version. Thanks for all the great info!

  11. Are you eventually going to go back and buy the rest of the steps in the [Fiberguard] relaxer system? Seems like to me to get the full results of less damage to the hair during the process one must follow all of Syed's steps. Changing variables equates a higher percent of chemical damage JMO. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for the feedback, ANON, I just may do that.

  13. Hello, I want 2 try that relaxer is it a no-lye or lye relaxer?

  14. This is the lye version. No mixing required.

  15. I started using Fiberguard in early 2000 and stopped for what ever reason. My hair has slowly trickled down hill since I stopped using Affirm's products. Today, I am going back to Fiberguard and will never leave again. Also, the Affirm products are off the chain. The Humecto Conditioner is awesome!!!

  16. Affirm Fiberguard is very good for processed hair. The entire range is protein based and it leaves the hair smooth and silky post relaxing. Being a hair dresser, some people did complain to me about their hair being dry after few weeks. I would suggest those people to use a clarifying shampoo as protein build up can cause dry hair.

  17. Hello! :)
    I just aquired Fiberguard relaxer, and after a search in the web I found your blog!
    I have been reading it from days! I really like it :)

    I would like to know about your current opinion on Fiberguard relaxer? Still in love?




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