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This past week I visited Hawaii for the first time. Normally I do a lot of writing in my posts but this time I feel it's more important to express the beauty of my short trip with pictures. I knew I was in for a treat when I saw this outside the window on the plane. Words couldn't describe how excited I was. It made the over 10 hour flight completely worth it.

Once I arrived at my resort, I was greeted by a really pleasant employee at the front desk. As he assigned my room he had a huge smile on his face. When I asked him why he was so excited, he replied because he was assigning me a room with a spectacular view.

Even before I made it to my room I had a spectacular view. This was the first glimpse of the beach I saw as I stood at the check in desk waiting to see my room.

What I really loved about being in Hawaii was being surrounded by all of the exotic plants and flowers. I've never seen so many orchids, in one place, in my life. These beautiful white flowers were hanging from the roof.

Imagine my surprise when out of nowhere a random guy walked across the lawn of the resort dressed in traditional Luau gear.

One thing I learned during my trip to Hawaii is that many of the leis are made of fresh flowers.

So once I got to my room, I understood what my front desk person was so excited about. My view was magnificent!
The next two pics are of the same image but on different camera settings. I was trying to get artistic with what I could do with the movement of water by playing around with the features on my camera.

I'm really into Koi fish so I took a ton of pics on my trip. My goal was to take a really amazing shot that I could frame and hang in my office. I almost shelled out a couple of hundred dollars for a huge Koi painting then changed my mind at the last minute. Maybe now I can have Koi picture after all.

The food in Hawaii was so amazing. The seafood seemed so fresh and best of all, I didn't feel like I gained a ton of weight while I was down there.
The reason for my visit was work related but I still had a few hours or so to go out an explore the city near the resort. I can't get over how beautiful the scenery was.

There was some major high-end shopping available on the island. I think the low sales tax makes it an attractive place to shop and save a few dollars.

I can't wait to go back.


  1. Wow! What amazing pictures! I hope to visit Hawaii one day.

  2. i love hawaii! i lived there for 2months in 2010 and it was the best! from your pics it looks like you were in waikiki..did u get to go shopping at ala moana?? its the best mall anywhere

  3. You snapped some great shots. Sounds like you had a blast!


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