My three level strategy for ridding my acne scars for good!

Skin Care
My skin care journey is really coming along.  So far I've successfully addressed my biggest concern--active breakouts.  Don't get me wrong, I still get a stray pimple or two, every blue moon, but they are much less viscous & intimidating than the ones I experienced in the past. Even when one does appear, it starts feeling really lonely and goes away just as quickly as it came.

Now I'm ready to move on to the next phase in my journey.  It's time to get serious about these scars that represent my past struggles.  I'm ready to crush them. Better yet, I'm ready to erase them from existence.  

Here's the issue.  If I actually touch some of my scars.  Many of them can be felt below the surface of my skin.  It's like an ice berg that peaks it's head above the waters while hiding it's massive size just below the surface.  I also have some very mild ice pick scars from previous breakouts that also need to be eradicated.  Now I really wish I would have listened when people were telling me to stop picking at my pimples. 

Enough looking back, I'm ready to do this!  We're rounding out the last 90 days of the year and I'd like to finish strong so I can start next year with gorgeous skin.  Because a lot scarring lays beneath the surface, I'll be taking a different approach than before.  Instead of fade creams, I'm looking for something that can proactively penetrate the deepest  layers of the skin, while promoting the formation of new collagen to replace my old damaged cells.  

Here's what I've come up with so far.  It'll be a 3 step approach:

01.  Surface Exfoliation
       + Continue manual exfoliation via (sugar scrubs)
       + Utilize my PMD tool (personal microderm abrasion) once a week.

02.  Collagen Production/Cell Turnover
       + Retin A cream nightly 
       + Continue consumption of Neo Cell Collagen powder in morning smoothies.

03.  Below the surface stimulation/Collagen Production
       + Utilize my dermal roller tool 1-2 X per week.
       + If necessary, purchase professional dermal roller/needle sessions from licensed practitioner.

I've owned my PMD tool for well over a year and can count on both hands the number of times I've used it.  Last year, I was having a discussion with a woman at my local Nieman Marcus location.  She told me that if I used it weekly, it would change my skin.  I didn't listen then but I'm ready to do this now.  There are some pretty convincing before and after pics of results from using it.  I'm ready for  the return on my investment.  

Retin A is said to promote rapid cell turnover.  I hope this works to speed up the process of getting rid of the remnants of my old scars.  Again, just like my PMD, Retin A only works to it's fullest potential as long as I am consistent.  As new cells are created, my hope is that the NEO Cell collagen supplement is there to feed them so they are as healthy and vibrant as possible.  

Finally, if all of this doesn't work, I'm ready to pull out the big guns.  I have a couple derma rollers that I bought a couple years ago but didn't use because I was concerned they would aggravate my acne.  What are derma rollers, you ask?  Well, derma rollers are these little roller things with tiny needles ranging in different sizes.  You roll them on your skin causing minor trauma.  The trauma promotes collagen production as the skin attempts to heal itself.  I know this sounds like an ancient mid evil times torture device, but trust me, the result, over time, is fresh younger looking skin.  This method, they say, is very effective for deep rooted scarring and for erasing stretch marks.  

I suspect that all if this will work but, if not, my last resort will be to purchase a series of derma roller treatments at the hands of a professional.  They have access to longer needles (which can go even deeper) and they understand the techniques which create the best outcome.  I know that all of this may sound a bit excessive but I feel like I'm so close, I can taste it.  Similar to someone who is running a long distance race and sees the finish line up ahead.  Suddenly I have this burst of energy and I'm willing to run faster to reach my goal.  

One thing I realize is that I've had all the tools available to me for quite a while now.  What was missing was my own consistency.  Without my consistent action, my skin does not get any better.  This past weekend I broke out my dermal roller, did a brief session before applying my Retin A and other night products.  Days later I used my Personal Microdermabrasion tool.  Today, my skin already is showing some improvement.  I'll keep repeating this process and, 90 days from now, I'll be glad I did. 


  1. I`ve some other tips for you:

    1. Try ACV as a toner and try to drink a glass of water with ACV EVERY MORNING.
    2.Don't cleanse your face with a foaming wash! Use a Cleansing Balm or Milk (even if you have oily skin)
    3. Double Cleanse! Yap! Double Cleanse on days you wear MU and/or Sunscreen. First take your MU or SS off with your favorite oil or an oil mix and than cleanse again. If you haven't wear MU or Sunscreen , than you don't have to Double Cleanse.
    4.Buy a Kojic Acid Soap for your blemishes.
    5. Always splash your face with cool water after cleansing your face (with warm water).
    6. Always pat your face dry, don't rub.
    7. Get some REAL Manuka Honey with UMF 16+ (for Face Masks and to put in your Tea)! Pease don't buy Amazons Bestseller ..(Wedderspoon Manuka Honey..this is not real certified Manuka Honey). On this Site you can find companies who are registered licencees to use the trademark UMF (Unique Manuka Factor).
    8. Let your doctor check your current hormone levels.
    9.Let your doctor check your Vitamin D levels (,
    10. Try to avoid diary (for 90 days ;-).. a little bit cheese here and there is ok)
    11.Don't cleanse your face with a foaming wash! Use a Cleansing Balm or Milk (even if you have oily skin)
    12.Take a Vitamin A Supplement ( Green Pas­ture Blue Ice Royal But­ter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend- Rich in Vitamin A, D and so on) or try to eat liver of beef once a week.
    13.Take a Probiotic Supplement.
    14. STOP eating ANY KIND of SUGAR. If you have Headache it will go away, your skin will improve and so on.
    15. Don't look in the mirror the whole day.

    I have sooooooooooooooooo many other tips, but If I would write them all down here........

    PS.: Sorry for my bad english I'm not a native American.

  2. Hi Lucia,
    Thank you for sharing your tips. I do most of the things you shared including toning with ACV, using Kojic Acid soap, cold water rinse, manuka honey, fermented cod liver oil, beef liver supplement, etc. I think that's part of the reason my breakouts have gone away. I haven't drank ACV in a while, I may start doing that again. Thanks so much!

  3. The acne scar occurs due to hormonal imbalance, panax ginseng helps to maintain a normal hormonal balance. A scar removal cream made up of panax ginseng helps to remove the acne scars to a greater extent.

  4. my acne was caused by using TONS of products on my face. i was finally cured from acne when i stopped using all of those harsh products and stuck with cetaphil (not the bar) or purpose facial wash (not the bar) or baby wash (yes, i know) but it worked. try it for 30 days.

  5. Hi Bossychick,
    The reason why I use it as a toner was to deal with my dermatitis. It's the only thing that works for me. When I first started, I would dilute it and rub on my face with a cotton ball after washing. (leave it on, no rinsing) It's been a few years now so I've built up a tolerance to use ACV on my skin at 100% potency.

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  7. Very nicely explained :) I agree with exfoliation and of course collagen production. Keep up the good work!

  8. These are great remedies! I use an all natural power strip with Korean Red ginseng in it to help clear my acne. Acne scars are no fun...

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