{Crab dip & Camouflage} A leisurely Sunday afternoon

Lately, my work schedule has been out of control.  So by the time the weekend comes around, I'm completely ready to enjoy it.  Today I decided to go to a favorite spot in town for brunch.  For once we got there early enough to grab a good seat before the Sunday crowd formed.

I ordered one of my favorite appetizers, a crab artichoke dip.  This time, however, the skimped on the crab so I vowed to learn how to recreate my own version of it that I can enjoy with as much crab as I want.   Look out for the recipe once I get it down.

After brunch, I strolled the shopping area on the hunt for any cute finds.  Unfortunately, I came up empty handed this time around.

Wearing camouflage jeans from GAP.  Similar pair here. Fergie heels. Top from H&M.  Next weekend is The Makeup Show!  I can't wait.


  1. Love the look... you look perfect

  2. Wish I could look that good.I'm like a new born Giraffe when it come to heels, all awkward and wobbly. You are so chic in your outfit. And I'd like to know what kind of drinks and green salad you enjoyed...please let me know.


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