Kanechom Kraziness!!! Which one is my favorite?

Deep Conditioning
I have been in hair heaven ever since I first learned about Kamechon and Silicon Mix.  My first couple of experiences were so delightful that I decided to dive in and expose myself to as many varieties as I could get my hands on.

So now I have a gang of 'em!  They're like my new little family.  Since my little collection is growing, I think it's a good time to assess my purchases to see which one(s) I like & will repurchase again. Although I've only used them once or twice, there are a couple which are becoming obvious favorites.  Here's a run down of my babies so far:

Kanechom Goat Milk  {Restores and Strengthens}

+ Main Benefits: Contains Hydrolyzed Milk & Wheat Protein  || Lightly Scented. || Thick Creamy, Moisturizing Feel.

 Will I Reorder?  Yes because of the strengthening/moisturizing qualities. Will help my hair maintain strength in between protein treatments.

Kanechom Shea Butter { Moisturizes & Promotes Healthy Hair} 

+Main Benefits:  The most moisturizing of all the Kanechom products I own.  Contains Hydrolized Keratin as last ingredient.  Perfect for keeping moisture balance in my hair.  Will be the base for my protein treatments when ever I use Pure Protein in the future.  I'm in love with the texture of this product.  It reminds me of a better version of Suave Milk & Honey which was discontinued years ago.

Will I Reorder?  Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kanechom Intense Care { Mega Hydration}

+Main Benefits:  Contains Hydrolyzed Corn, Wheat, Soy protein.  ||  Thick and rich

Will I Reorder? Not sure.  For some reason I thought it would be even more hydrating than my Shea Butter.  This is  more of a nourishing product.  I think this Intense Care is better suited for extremely damaged hair.  At the moment, my hair is "normal."  The fact that Intense Care is so thick & nourishing isn't a bad thing (it's a really good thing) , I just think I was expecting something different. Maybe instead of calling it Mega Hydration, they should call it Mega Repair.  It's still moisturizing like all of the others but, with a name like Mega Hydration, you better come correct.

Kanechom Acai {Moisturizing & Strength}

++ Main Benefits:  No obvious proteins listed in the ingredient list.  Contains several fruit extracts including Acai, which are hydrolyzed for better penetration into the strands.   Mild fruity scent.

Will I Reorder?  Yes.  Very moisturizing. Also a good base to mix with my Pure Protein. Will act as back up staple conditioner because the Shea Butter is often out of stock.

Kanechom Ceramidas { For dry/damaged hair}

++ Main Benefit:  Ceramides in the form of Hexyl Cinnemal, which the representative from Kanechom stated was a "pharmaceutical name for ceramide" after I contacted her.  I'm so used to ceramide in the form of 2-oleamido and 1-3 octadecanediol which I often see in my Biolage Ceramide products.  From what I know of Hexyl Cinnemal,  it naturally occurs in chamomile.  I did a quick search of it and couldn't find much information that defined it as a ceramide.  I'm not saying that it isn't.  What I am saying is that in a couple other products I found online containing this ingredient, they also included other ceramides in the formulation.  My very unscientific conclusion is that it probably isn't a highly concentrated ceramide.

Will I Reorder?  Probably not.  I think I will stick to Cera Repair as the main ceramide product in my regimen.

One thing I should also mention is during my email interactions with a rep from Kanechom, she made a recommendation that I try the Dark Chocolate conditioner.  She asserted that the Dark Chocolate would be "very hydrating for textured hair."  So I hopped on over to Amazon to see what folks were saying.  The reviews were pretty positive so I'm adding to my wish list.

Oh, I should also mention that the woman who helped answer my questions graciously offered up two coupon codes that expire September 30, 2013.  The first code FIVE will take $5.00 off your order.  The second code FREE will save you on shipping and handling costs.  You can take advantage of the code by visiting the Kanechom site.  I will not receive any compensation if you chose to take advantage of the offers.  All of the conditioners seen here were purchased by a crazy woman who is obsessed with conditioners (me).


  1. OMG you and Jennifer have got me wanting this product so badly! Can't wait to try it!

    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

  2. Hi Nadege,

    I've seen this on Youtube (maicangirl) as well, but you're the only person I've seen that has tried so many versions. So can you tell us which one gives the greatest slip? I'm in a long stretch and this is becoming a big issue for me. Is that goats milk one to "protein-y" for detangling?

    Thanks so much,
    Life in a Shoe

  3. I was going to get the Acai one, but I think I will try the Shea butter based on your reviews. I will check out a few of the beauty supply shops I know of that tend to stock a variety of hair products from other countries. Hopefully I can find it so I won't have to pay for shipping.

  4. Hi Anon! I would say that the Shea butter would add the greatest slip and moisture which is great for long stretches.

  5. hexy cinnamal is actually used for fragrance and since i'm allergic to it guess i won't be getting that one.

  6. What are the ingredients of these products? The are not to be found on the website or Amazon!

    Ty in advance

  7. Hey, have you ever tried Nunaat Naat Cream? They have a line of 1000g masks that are almost identical to Kanechom, but for far less money (like half the price.) They have goat's milk, avocado, garlic, and some other ones too.

  8. I ordered the Ceramides and mixed it with Silicon Mix results were so so I either want to try the Shea Butter or Chocolate next but I'll wait for your review! Get another coupon code please please!

  9. Hi Nedge.

    Came across your blog and liked your review. I'm going through hair breakage now ad would like to know which is best for deep conditioning? Thanks

  10. Hi Sophie,
    It depends on the reason for your breakage. I think the Goat's Milk and in the Intense care would do well for breakage related to protein imbalance.

  11. have you tried the argan one yet?

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