People Swear by the 55X5 Method for Manifesting Results

In my opinion, mastering the Law of Attraction requires 2 parts.  First, one must understand the principles and philosophies. Once you know how the law of attraction works, you must implement the universal law via a series of repeated actions.  Just knowing how the law of attraction works isn't enough. Putting those principles into action is where the magic happens.

This morning I learned of a manifestation exercise that a bunch of people swear by.  Some manifestation techniques are harder for some people vs others.  But the technique I learned today, anyone can do.  A ton of people claim to see results in as little as five days (or less) using this simple method. 

If you have a pen and a piece of paper ready, you can easily start day one of this five-day challenge.
Today, we'll be discussing the 55X5 method.  Basically, all you need to do is write your goal affirmation down on paper 55 times each day for 5 days.

That's it.

So why does this technique seem to work so well?

Law of Attraction enthusiasts claim that by writing your intention 55 times, you'll be infusing it into your subconscious mind.

Here's my opinion:

I tried to write my goal down 55 times this morning.....and let me tell you.....writing something down 55 times requires a dedicated chunk of time.  The entire time I was writing down my goal, I was thinking about it while trying to generate "good feelings" as I accomplished my task.

That's when I realized that during my normal, everyday routine, I don't spend this much time thinking about the things I want.  This targeted exercise really required me to place my sole mental focus on attracting what I wanted for an extended period of time. 

Each time I wrote down my intention, I experienced a different emotion.  Sometimes, I wrote the words down as a task, other times, I felt a flood of positive emotion.  When I walked away from my sheet of paper to complete a different task, I was still thinking about my intention.

This method kinda reminds me of when personal development gurus talk about writing down their goals every day.  The 55x5 method is daily goal writing on crack!  Give this technique a try. It's simple and you have absolutely nothing to lose.  Best case scenario, you manifest what you want within a short period of time.  Worse case scenario, you spend 15-20 minutes focusing on your goals on a daily basis.   Focusing your mental energy on achieving your goal can have powerful results.

Years ago, before I knew this method existed, I took out a sheet of paper and wrote down a huge intention over and over again until the sheet was completely filled.  Although it took longer than a week, I'm happy to report that the intention became real.  For this reason alone, I'm ready to take on the 5-day 55 challenge.

Wanna give it a try?

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