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Lori Harvey trended on Twitter this week after posting a reveal of her ultra toned summer body.  While everyone was discussing her near-perfect figure, I was more interested in a different reveal.

One thing I love about Lori is that she's open to sharing the products that she uses and loves.  She doesn't really do product ads so most of what she shares, she authentically loves.  I've published articles in the past sharing a few beauty secret reveals that she's done in the past.  You can check the posts out here, here and here.

Today, we add two more of her favorite products to the list.
Many years ago, I enjoyed a bowl of loaded oatmeal every morning for breakfast.  My main goal, at the time, was to try to infuse as many nutrient boosters as possible into a single serving.  I added flax seeds for omega 3's, blackstrap molasses for various minerals, and probiotics to support gut health. 

It's been years since I've had a bowl of loaded oatmeal.  But thanks to Lori's Instagram story, I'm about to come out of oatmeal retirement. 
Her post was simple.  A quick snapshot of a pre-packaged bowl of oatmeal.  You can find oatmeal bowls in any given supermarket.  But not like this one....

The geniuses at Kreation have paired oats and collagen together to create the ultimate beauty breakfast. 

Why haven't I thought about this before????

Just this week I made a decision to recommit to my daily collagen intake.  I've been slacking and it shows.  My nails are breaking easily and my face seems to have lost some volume. 

No bueno.

So I started taking NeoCell collagen pills again to get back on track. The collagen pills are a great start, but to be honest, swallowing those mega pills can be a chore sometimes.   The idea that I can add a couple of heaping scoops of collagen to my morning oatmeal makes a ton of sense.  Oatmeal dissolves easily & completely in hot liquids without losing its efficacy.  Adding collagen to your oatmeal is a not-so-sneaky way to also practice collagen loading

Lori paired her morning oatmeal with some pre-made celery juice.  Celery juice is a big deal right now and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.   This has caused juice manufacturers to take notice which means that grabbing a bottle of celery juice is now a reality.

Lastly, Lori posted another story featuring her private, in-home sauna gifted to her by her parents.  Y'all know that I'm a huge fan of infrared saunas.  The list of benefits from regular sauna use is endless.  For some, the idea of having a personal sauna at home seems like an ultra-luxury splurge.  Yes, it is an investment, but sauna's come in all variations.  Some are actually affordable.  Even if you're short on space, there are space-saving options available. 

Thanks to Lori, I'm reinstituting a bowl of oatmeal in my diet at least a few times a week.  Along with the beauty benefits of collagen, I hope to maybe experience some healthy weight effects of consuming oatmeal more regularly. 

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