Found! The Detangling Brush That Made Me Love Wash Day Again.

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Not long ago I promised to incorporate frequent washing into my regimen to reap all the benefits that come along with it.  Even though I knew this was the right decision, I still hesitated.  Why? Because deep down I dreaded the thought of enduring the most dreaded part of my wash day --detangling.

You see, I rarely use a comb or brush in between washes.  This means that I have my work cut out for me on wash day.  In the past, I had the support of my trusted double row Conair detangling comb.  But, after it lost a few of its teeth, that comb was no longer of any use.  Once I learned that Conair discontinued that comb, I lost all hope.

But, today is a new day. And, today, I'm here to spread the good news of a new detangling comb that has restored my faith in wash days again.
Typically, I roller set to stretch my hair after washing.  This requires a lengthy detangling process as I work in tiny sections.  If I don't have the right comb for the job, the process is torture.  Looking back, I think I started procrastinating with wash day ever since my Conair comb gave out.

Things have now changed for the better thanks to my new flexible detangling brush.  Guys, I can't really begin to tell you how much I've been enjoying this masterfully created piece of plastic.  It has everything I could ever want in a detangling tool.  It has multi rows of teeth, the bristles move and bend to accommodate my thick, curly hair.  It's gentle.  Best of all, it doesn't do any damage.  Detangling is no longer laborious and stressful. I actually take pleasure in watching this phenomenal brush glide through my hair with ease.

Although my detangling brush is darn near perfect, I have to disclose that it performs best on damp hair.  If I need to detangle my hair while dry, I rely on my fingers or my beloved Mason Pearson comb.   Another disclaimer, this brush is meant to help maneuver shed hairs from small to medium sections.  If you have serious, tight knots & tangles, put in the extra effort to finger detangle beforehand.

Because of my flexible detangling brush, I finally look forward to wash days.  Now that I'm washing more regularly, my hair is retaining moisture which makes it even easier to detangle.  Detangling with this brush saves so much time and, for that, I'm forever grateful.

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