30 DAY Challenge Ideas To Try During Your Quarantine

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Lately, I've had a few conversations with ladies who've chosen to make the most of this mandatory time at home.  There's already talk of certain states opening back up in the near future.  There's no telling when we'll have the opportunity again to have unlimited time to work on ourselves with very little distractions.

Who knows how things will be in 1 or 2 months from now.  There's no better time to start a 30-day challenge than this exact moment.   Allow me to share a few ideas o various 30-Day Challenge ideas to master in the upcoming weeks.
Daily at Home Workouts
Over the past 30 days, you probably either gained a little weight or lost some.  I've done both.  At first, my weight ballooned up after being locked inside with an unlimited supply of snacks on hand.  Then I came to my senses and finally realized that I had to turn things around.  A couple of things that helped me shed a few pounds was starting a few short term challenges.  The first challenge that I completed successfully was a step challenge on Fitbit.  Within a couple of weeks of walking 10k-15k steps a day, I noticed a shift on the scale.

Then I stumbled across a woman who shared before/after pics of her recent weight loss.  After being bombarded with a slew of questions, the woman responded that, along with fasting, she recommended that everyone hula hoop for 15-20 minutes a day.  You might recall that I wrote about the wonders of hula hooping for toning the waist.  By the time this quarantine lets up, we'll be nearly at the start of summer.  Wouldn't you love to enjoy the benefits of a smaller, more defined waist, thanks to the help of a hula hoop? If hula hooping isn't your thing, just pick out an activity that you enjoy and commit to doing it daily for 20 minutes a day. 

Drink Your Water Challenge 
Ever wanted to increase your water intake but restricted yourself because you didn't want to make multiple trips to a public restroom?  Well, you're in luck.  You have now been granted the perfect opportunity to experience the wonderful results everyone talks about when they drastically increase their water intake.

Having worked from home for several years, I understand the luxury of being able to take a few steps to the restroom whenever without it becoming a burden.  This allows me the opportunity to become intentional with increasing my daily water intake.  If you're working on a quarantine glow up, I strongly urge you to make it a goal to drink at least several liters of water a day. 

As a reminder, by increasing your water intake could produce these amazing results:
- clearer skin
-a smaller waistline
-a healthy scalp
-moisturized new growth
-improved digestion, sleep and overall sense of well-being

So yeah.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to drink up!

Option B would be to do a juice cleanse.  It was hard for me to incorporate juice cleanses into my busy life when I worked away from home.  But, now that I'm within a few steps of my juicer, I have no excuses.  Even if I don't have time to juice fresh veggies from scratch, I can still execute my lazy method to juicing at home. 
Thicker/Longer Hair Challenge
The inspiration for this article comes from a couple people I talked to who are excited to work on improving the health of their hair during this little hiatus.  If you haven't done so, now is the time to implement those time-consuming hair related activities that sometimes seem to eat into your busy schedule.  We have no reason to skip out on deep conditioning.  Now's the time to trim those ends since the loss of inches won't be noticed.  Since you don't have to get up early for work tomorrow, you can take the time to moisturize and seal your hair in small, individual sections. With a little extra time on our hands, we can treat ourselves to morning smoothies rich in protein to nourish our hair from within.

Daily Creation Challenge
Lastly, if you haven't been very productive during this time of quarantine, may I suggest that you utilize these upcoming weeks/days to harness your creative energy.  Once life gets back to normal, things will get hectic again.  Consider challenging yourself with creating something that will last once this mandatory lockdown is over.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
-Launching your website/blog/YT channel
-Writing a book or guide.
-Launching a product or business.
-Updating an area in your home.
-Learning a new skill

So far, I'm learning new recipes, doing a lot of home improvement, and will launch at least one new product for my brand. Basically, I want to put this extra time at home to good use.  Now that we're (possibly) nearing the end, I really want to focus over the next 30 days and get more done! 

Once this is behind us and things are back to normal again, I'd love to look back and be pleased with what I was able to accomplish during this time. 

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