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Depending on where you live, you're probably a few weeks into #quarantinelife

How's your skin holding up?

If your skin is anything like mine, you probably noticed a slight decline in the health and vibrancy.   That's probably because staying at home all day causes us to be slightly less regimented when it comes to our skin routine.  For instance, if I'm going to a gathering or headed to date night, I put in a bit more effort to bring out my best glow.

But if I don't have to present myself publicly, I know I can get by with less.  Before I know it, my skin gets congested and things start to go south.  One observation I've made lately is how some of the ladies I follow really have amazingly healthy skin.  I'm seeing a lot of them without makeup and I must say that I'm impressed.

They've helped remind me that vibrant skin should be a norm (even when you're sitting at home with no-where to go).  My skin can definitely benefit from a little boost, so I've decided to reinstitute a habit that is pretty much guaranteed to turn everything around.

Recently, Love Is Blind star, Lauren Speed, posted a giveaway on her feed featuring a facial device that her fans have been asking her about.  Apparently, she featured the device in her stories and got a ton of questions and comments in response.  Because of the incredible demand, she decided to host a  giveaway.  Lauren has amazing skin so I understand why everyone was dying to know about her skin secrets.

As soon as I saw an image of her favorite beauty device, I wanted one.  A quick search was all it took for me to discover the exact brand so I grab one for myself.
I wasn't at all surprised that facial steaming is one of Lauren's weapons for flawless skin.  Think of a time when you've ever had a professional facial that didn't start with a steam session.

 It doesn't happen. 

Without incorporating steam, you can't deep clean beyond the surface.

In my experience, the more I steam, the more exceptional my skin becomes.  There's stuff lurking deep within my pores that won't get addressed via normal daily cleansing.  Back when my skin was at it's worse, I had to rely on frequent steam sessions to make things right.

My love for facial steamers lead me to purchase one that was pretty costly. I don't regret that decision because it still works wonderfully to this day.

But, with that said, I'm still contemplating grabbing Lauren's device, and I'll tell you why....

Although Lauren didn't reveal the name of her device, I'm guessing that she has the Microderm Glo Facial Steamer.  Vanity Planet offers its own version as well (but the one on Amazon is much more affordable).   What immediately caught my attention is how much steam this little device emits.  I've gone through countless facial steamers over the years and my biggest issue with sub-par steamers is how little steam is actually released.

I love the little egg shape.  It'll fit perfectly in my small bathroom.  The steamer I currently use is a bit bigger and much bulkier.  A smaller size option would perfectly fit my needs.   I'm sure I'd steam much more frequently if I saw this steamer sitting on my vanity.   I can totally see myself incorporating a quick steam session a few times a week just because my eyes will land on it more often. 

Again, I want to stress how much I'm impressed by how much steam this little device releases.   I've mentioned several times that I believe in promoting blood flow to the face as a powerful strategy for promoting healthy, younger-looking skin.  Facial massage is one way to stimulate blood flow,  steaming is also a fabulous option.

When temperatures began to rise, I noticed an increase in congestion-related acne.  If I don't act now, I'm setting myself up for more breakouts and stubborn acne scars.  Steaming has now become my #1 strategy to remedy the situation.  Steaming, paired with a few clay mask sessions, should have my skin back to looking like it's old self again.

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  1. I've seen so many people talk about using these. I really want to get one!
    Chloe X


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