Loungewear. But Make It Fashion.

Now that we're spending more time at home than ever, many of us have traded our normal articles of clothing for more comfortable attire. I've seen a few online boutiques send out emails urging us to grab some loungewear outfits to ride out this quarantine.  Before you pick up more sweats and flannels, I want to offer loungewear inspiration ideas that are comfortable and super cute.
[Swap Sweats for Skirts]
It's super tempting to throw on a pair of sweats or leggings and call it day. But, you know what else is just as easy?  Opting for a skirt.  Now, I know that skirts aren't traditionally thought of as loungewear, but I'm here to break that misconception.  If we're honest with ourselves, we'd admit that wearing a skirt is as comfy as a pair of sweats.  Plus, it's almost impossible to look frumpy in a skirt.  Another benefit of wearing skirts is that most of them actually zip up. This provides a layer of accountability as to whether our waistline is still intact.

Skirts also give the impression that you put in a little extra effort into your stay at home look.  Get creative by playing around with the length and style of the skirt depending on your specific vibe. 

[Whites. Beiges. Neutrals.]
a simple white cotton jersey dress is the epitome of comfort + style 
Can we all make a pact to avoid buying grey loungewear from this day forward? Let's give up the greys for creams, neutrals, and whites.  This color palette has an elevated look and feel.  Earth tones, whites, and beiges always add a hint of sophistication to an otherwise basic outfit.

[Matching Sets. ]
Typically, I'm not a huge fan of matching tops + bottoms.  But, for loungewear, it makes perfect sense.   Coordinating pieces keep us from falling into the trap of pairing randoms items together to create a semblance of an outfit.   When we're not leaving the house, we sometimes slack on what our outfit ensemble looks like.  Matching sets will essentially save us from ourselves. Bonus points if we select sets that can also be worn in public (without fear of public humiliation).

I'm a sucker for cotton tanks and tops.  But I keep falling into the trap of buying the same boring tank tops over and over.  To correct my transgressions, I've decided to start experimenting with a little bit of asymmetry to make my dressed-down looks a little more interesting.  Basically, I'm not interested in buying anymore tops with the standard silhouette.  From now on, I'm looking for square necks, off the shoulder, asymmetrical straps, anything that adds a little something interesting to my look.

[Pretty Pajamas]
For those lazy weekends when you just want to be in your jammies all day, consider donning on your pretty pajamas.  Forget cotton flannels and other non-flattering options. Those types of outfits encourage you to lay around and do nothing. But, with your pretty pajamas, you're inspired to give yourself a facial, draft a journal entry, or experiment with trying out a new recipe.    Wear a few pieces of jewelry, lip stain, and fragrance while catching up on chapters of your favorite book.  Sometimes, when it comes to loungewear, we tend to go for oversized unflattering pieces or ultra sexy lingerie.  Pretty Pajamas fall somewhere perfectly in the middle.

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