[try this] Use Powder Before Foundation For the Best Skin of Your Life.

The warmer it gets, the more anxious I become about how summer is going to affect my skin.  Not only do I have to worry about congestion and breakouts, I also have to contend with oil skin.  Breakouts, while frustrating, are at least somewhat manageable.  But oily skin seemed so uncontrollable.

Or so I thought....

That's until I was introduced to a makeup artist secret technique that might change everything.

There's nothing I love more than simple hacks that are low key genius.  The backstory of this discovery dates back a few days to when I landed on Mariama Diallo's IG feed.  One thing that struck me was how she was sporting a chocolate lip in all of her recent photos.  As someone who grew up in the 90's, I have a huge appreciation for rich brown lip color.

I scoured the comment section to see if she revealed the exact shade she was wearing.   Then I said a silent prayer in hopes that she had a Youtube Channel where she divulged the details of her everyday makeup routine.

Prayers answered.

It just so happened that she recently began uploading videos to her previously abandoned channel.  Coincidentally, Mariam just published her every makeup routine.

How did I get so lucky?

I clicked the video looking for intel on her lipstick but, instead, I was introduced to a hack that just might save my skin this summer.

She prefaced her makeup routine by disclosing she learned this little trick from a Fenty makeup artist.  Instead of applying primer first, they used setting powder.  Mariam doesn't explain why she does this.  She only expresses that the reason why she continues applies her translucent powder as a base is because "the results are so amazing." 

Of course, I had to do some digging to find out why applying powder before foundation is so effective.  According to the people who've tried it (and loved it).  Using setting powder first produces these benefits:
  • Provides a more matte, long-lasting finish to help control oil production.
  • The setting powder behaves like a primer that provides longer-lasting stay power. 
  • Smoother looking skin as the powder fills in the pores, helping to provide the perfect base for the foundation.
Most people who've tried this method swear by it.  Some even take it a step further to add primer, then powder, then liquid foundation for super long wear.  Reminder: when it comes to managing oil production, dry skin is your enemy so be just to hydrate and moisturize properly so your skin doesn't have to overcompensate.   My makeup never lasts so I am dying to try this.  Although I have several foundation powders on hand, I'll experiment with Laura Mercier's setting powder in medium deep (one of my faves).  I'll try adding a light layer of foundation powder as the final step.

I hope this is the answer to oily skin that we've all been looking for.  

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  1. wayne Goss, the Wayne Goss, has a video on this same method. I havent tried it myself since I am a dry skin girl but hes the best!


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