Here's how to Snag these Modern Must-Have Luxury Wine Glasses.


Not long ago, I came to the conclusion to stop buying cocktails featured on restaurant menus (unless it's a restaurant that I know makes decent drinks).  Why? Because these drinks are typically overpriced and poorly made.  For the price of a sugary beverage, I could probably select another meal from the menu which means more leftovers to take home....and who wouldn't want that?!  

Instead of throwing money away on expensive libations, let's create delicious beverages at home for a fraction of the price.  To add a bit of inspiration, may I suggest that you get into these modern glasses that make any drink look 10x more appetizing?  

  I'm obsessed with the silhouette of these wine glasses.  They basically can make any drink look amazing.  Can you imagine sipping on lemon cucumber water from these glasses while lounging in a sheet mask and fuzzy slippers?


Even if don't drink alcohol, these gorgeous glasses are perfect for sipping summer-friendly drinks.  They kinda have a "modern luxury" vibe that I absolutely love. These wine glasses are a beautiful of all, they are highly affordable. 
West Elm is now offering the Horizon Glassware collection that features this must-have silhouette as a champagne or champagne glass.  They even have a stemless version if that's more your speed.  I love how they offer the option to purchase the glasses individually so you don't have to spend more on glassware that you may not use. They're on sale for a limited time so grab your's before everyone catches on.

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